Who Is Franklin Thomas Fox, Megan Fox’s Dad?

Franklin Thomas Fox (born 7 January 1951) is the father of Megan Fox, the American model and actress. Megan’s father is a 73 year-old retired parole officer who had an almost non-existent relationship with his daughter throughout her childhood – which he confessed caused him great pain and despair.

Consequent to her parent’s divorce, Megan Fox’s mother, Gloria, got custody of the children, and possibly due to the not-too-pleasant nature of the divorce, Franklin was probably prevented from seeing his daughters and was not part of their childhood and formative years.

However, the relationship between father and daughter seems to be going very well.  Even though they would not be able to make up for the lost years, they definitely have an opportunity to create a very pleasant present and future relationship bond.

Summary of Franklin Thomas Fox’s Biography 

  • Full name: Franklin Thomas Fox
  • Gender: Male
  • Date of birth: 7 January 1951
  • Franklin Thomas Fox’s Age: 73 years old
  • Ethnicity: Caucasian
  • Nationality: American
  • Zodiac Sign:  Capricorn
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Religion: Christian
  • Marital Status: Divorcee
  • Thomas Franklin Fox’s Ex-Wife: Gloria Darlene Cisson
  • Thomas Franklin Fox’s Children: Kristi Fox and Megan Fox
  • Thomas Franklin Fox’s Parents: Ewell T. Foxx and Vivian Foxx (nee Vier)
  • Famous for: Being Megan Fox’s father

Franklin Thomas Fox was Born in 1951 in Tennessee, United States

Franklin Thomas Fox is Megan Fox’s father, as well as her elder sister, Kristi. He was born on 7 January 1951 in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, in the United States of America. He was born to Ewell T. Foxx and Vivian Foxx (nee Vier) and was raised in Tennessee. Not much is known about his childhood and educational background.

He worked all through his adult life as a Parole Officer, playing a very key role in gradually integrating released prisoners back into society and monitoring their progress along the way. His job also involves monitoring those on parole to make sure they do not violate their parole terms and to report the same to the authorities if they do.

He must have risen through the ranks to the pinnacle of his chosen career since this was the only job that he did all through his adult life. Though his job didn’t pay him homogenous wages like that of his daughter, it met his needs, and he never complained about it.

Franklin Thomas Fox and His Ex-Wife Gloria Darlene Cisson Were Married For 18 Years

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Franklin Thomas Fox fell in love with a very pretty damsel called Gloria Darlene Cisson sometime between the late 1960s and very early 1970s, and that’s the much we knew about the two love birds at that time. They tied the nuptial knots sometime in 1971 and began to enjoy their love as newlyweds do.

Gloria Darlene (nee Cisson) was born on 14 July 1952 in Tennessee in the United States of America, and it is not clear if she was born in the same Oak Ridge as her ex-husband was in Tennessee. Not much is known about Gloria’s family – parents and siblings, or her childhood or early educational background.

Gloria was known to have graduated from the Tennessee Technological University, Cookeville, Tennessee, and has worked in the Real Estate industry almost her entire life – though she is believed to be retired now. She was married to Franklin Thomas Fox for about 18 years before they eventually had a divorce sometime in 1989.

Franklin and Gloria had two daughters while still in the union – Kristi Michele Fox, born on 2 June 1974, and her younger (and definitely more popular) sister, Megan Fox, born on 16 May 1986. She got custody of the children after her divorce, and she raised them in a new family after marrying Tony Tonachio and moving with him to Florida.

Gloria is very close to her children and grandchildren, and many believe that Megan Fox looks exactly like her.

How Close is Franklin Thomas Fox To Megan Fox?

Entangled, Non-existent (or near non-existent), complicated, and difficult are some of the words one can use to describe the relationship that existed between Franklin Thomas Fox and his daughter, Megan Fox. The issue was that Megan’s dad and his then-wife, Gloria, got divorced when Megan was just three years old, and as customary with most divorces, her mother got custody of the children – Megan and her older sister, Kristi.

Shortly after her parent’s divorce, Megan and her sister had to move with her mother to Rockwood, where they stayed for some years. It was from this point on that the relationship between father and daughter began to get strained. It became worse when his ex-wife, Gloria remarried and moved the children to Florida.

In an interview that Franklin Thomas Fox had with The Daily Mail in 2016 (about 27 years after the divorce from his former wife), he stated that he had missed out on Megan Fox’s childhood and especially some of the not-too-pleasant experiences she had to go through while growing up. He expressed how proud he was of how she handled herself throughout all those unpleasant experiences through the years – also mentioning that it was a very painful period that left its mark on all of them.

He also revealed in that interview that it was Megan that reached out to him and that they have been working very hard together to make up for the lost years and build up that special father-daughter bond that had been missing for so long. He stated that when Megan and her sister moved away with her mother, it felt like some of him had died. They remained incommunicado for so long until he got a text from Megan just a day before she married her husband, Austin Green, informing him of the event and that she had found love.

That single reach out from Megan was the turning point for good in their relationship. He stated that they have continued to develop the relationship and speak or text each other almost regularly since that day. He was happy and proud to be a grandfather when Megan had her first son, and more boys have been added to his grandfather’s fold since then.

Presently, Franklin Thomas Fox and his daughter, Megan Fox, seem to be enjoying a very good father-daughter relationship, to the extent that he was the first one to break the news that his daughter and her (now) ex-husband were no longer getting divorced when the rumours started making the rounds mid-2010s. He would later go on to further reveal that the couple was then actually expecting their third child together. So their relationship seems to have been on the upward climb over the years.

Who Is Franklin Thomas Fox’s Current Wife, and How Many Children Do They Have?

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Currently, the marital status of the retired parole officer is not known, as he has never revealed this information to the public. It is also unknown if he has had other children apart from Megan Fox and her sister, Kristi.

However, judging by the fact that Franklin Fox divorced his wife in his late thirties and is now in his early seventies, it is highly possible that he probably remarried secretly and refused to show off his family to the public, since he is simply the father of a celebrity and not a celebrity himself that would have been subject to the paparazzi and all the media attention that trails them.

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