Who Is Ian Charles, What Is His Age and Is He Related To James Charles? 

Ian Charles, also known as Ian Jeffrey recently joined the teeming population of Instagram stars across the globe. Ian first came to public notice after he appeared in one of James Charles‘ YouTube videos in 2017. Not long ago, James Charles took over the makeup world with full force, becoming the first male ambassador/model for popular ladies beauty products brand, CoverGirl.

Now having an IG account that has garnered up to 2 million followers, Ian Charles has gained massive popularity, with many fans wanting to know more about him. Many are also curious to know if he is related to James Charles. Let’s get down to discover all the facts about Ian Charles and his relationship with James Charles.

Who is Ian Charles and How Old is He?

Ian Charles is a social media and internet star. He is, however, most popular on Instagram and YouTube. He was born as Ian Jeffrey Dickinson on the 17th of December, 2001 under the birth sign of Sagittarius. He was born in Bethlehem, New York, the United States where he also grew up.

On finishing his elementary education, Charles attended the Bethlehem Central High School. At Bethlehem High, he was an active member of the school’s basketball team and played in jersey number 3. During his leisure time, the social media star loves to play football and video games.

Is Ian Charles Related To James Charles? 

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Yes, Ian Charles is related to James Charles. The two are brothers. Ian is the younger brother of James who was born as James Charles Dickinson on May 23, 1999, in New York. James who also attended Bethlehem Central High School and turned 20 years old in 2019.

Ian Charles’ brother, James Charles is also a social media and internet sensation. He is precisely a hairstylist, makeup artist, Instagramer and YouTuber. James initially garnered fame via his Instagram account which now boasts almost 16 million followers. In 2015, he created a self-titled YouTube channel. The Instagram star started off as a hairstylist before venturing into makeup artistry. He later converted their home basement into a makeup studio with the help of his father. James resides in California from where he runs his YouTube business. He is openly gay.

Ian Charles’ Social Media Career

Ian Charles harbored no dreams of becoming a social media star. However, during a visit to his brother’s place in the summer of 2017, James featured him in one of his YouTube video titled, “Little Brother Does My Makeup“. This video appearance became Ian’s stepping stone to social media fame. Although he was delighted by the massive attention he gained through appearing on his brother’s channel, it took a lot of coaxing before Ian eventually decided to create an Instagram account which he titled ianjeffrey. After posting his first Instagram update (a photo) in February 2018, Ian automatically became a sensation on the site.

Ian also runs a self-titled YouTube channel which has garnered over 850k subscribers. Following James’ footsteps, Ian is gradually gaining popularity on Twitter as well. As of 2019, he has garnered over 320k followers. This figure is, however, nothing next to his older brother’s which boasts over 4 million followers.

Since after his debut YouTube appearance, Ian and James have co-starred in a number of other videos, including “Turning My Little Brother into a Drag Queen“. The two brothers also co-run James’ clothing line called Sisters Apparel. James and Ian’s parents have also featured on the former’s videos including “Doing My Daddy’s Makeup” in which their father appeared. Their father whose name is not publicly known works as a contractor and businessman. Their mother, on the other hand, is named Christie Dickinson.

Ian, unlike James is straight (heterosexual). He often corrects his gay brother whenever he refers to him as “sister”. Having made it to the limelight, Ian who goes by the nickname, ianjd12 became privileged to meet with several showbiz stars. Late in 2018, he hooked up with singer and social media sensation, Loren Gray. Their relationship was, however, short-lived as they went their separate ways early in 2019. Loren confirmed their separation in a tweet she posted on March 17, 2019, pointing out that they are no longer together but remain friends.

Ian Charles presently lives in Albany, New York City, United States.


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