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Considering the professions of her parents; it is not surprising that Iris Apatow followed a career path in the entertainment industry. She is part of the popular Apatow family, renowned for their stellar acting talents. Iris gained public attention from her role as Charlotte in the movie titled Knocked Up, as well as its sequel known as This is 40.

Iris Apatow joined the Hollywood family as a child actress at the age of five, thanks to the influence of her dad writer-producer-director Judd Apatow who directed and produced her debut movie as well several other films she was featured in. The rising star has functioned as a voice artist and earned accolades for her effort in Love – the Netflix series where she breathed life into the character of Arya Hopkins. Read on to get the full details on the teenage actress’ identity and family background.

Who is Iris Apatow and How Old Is She?

Iris Apatow is an American national born in Los Banos, California on the 12th of October 2002; the teenage star is of mixed ancestry including Irish, Ashkenazi Jewish, Scottish, Finnish, and German. Her age, as of this writing is an indication that’s she is still a student and according to the records, she attended a private college preparatory school called Crossroads School for Arts & Science located in Santa Manica CA and has aspirations of going to NYU for further academic qualifications.

Perhaps it may be due to the fact that both her parents are known personalities in Hollywood that Iris Apatow made her acting debut as charlotte at age five, on the set of Knocked Up – a 2007 romantic comedy produced by her dad with her mum in the leading role. In the movie, both Iris and her sister Maude who also acted for the first time were cast in the roles of their mother’s onscreen children.

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2012 saw the young actress reprising her role as Charlotte in the sequel of Knocked Up which was dubbed This is 40. She acted alongside veterans like her mum, Jason Segel, Paul Rudd, Megan Fox who all came in leading roles. Prior to that, in 2009, another of her dad’s movies titled Funny People which provoked a blockbuster cast her in the role of Ingrid, staring popular Hollywood personalities like Seth Rogen, Adam Sandler, Jonah Hill, and her mum Leslie Mann.

Iris appeared in three movies from the stables of Apatow Productions which is her father’s production house, and in the three, she played the roles of her real mother’s character’s daughter alongside her big sister Maude Apatow. However, Iris Apatow got her big break on the set of Love – a Netflix series where she gave expression to the character of Aria/Arya Hopkins. The series is another of her dad’s creation but this time, she acted without Maude. The upcoming actress’ performance is considered by fans as one of the series’ highlights and consequently, she earned abundant praises for her effort.

In addition to her on-screen appearances, Iris Apatow has lent her voice to several computer-animated movies, notable among them is Sausage Party – an American – Canadian anime black film of 2016. She was featured in the music video for the track Sonora released by Spendtime Palace.

The emerging star has a lot of presence on the social media platforms, especially on Instagram where she shares throwbacks, meme, and poems written by Rupi Kaur, her account has amassed over 300k in following. She is equally on YouTube, where she posts mini make-up tutorial videos. Iris started surfing on social media from a tender age, though her accounts were extensively handled by her parents till she attained the age of 13.

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Leslie Mann’s daughter is a diehard animal lover; she keeps a female dog that she calls Cookie. Besides, the young actress has her Instagram profile suffused with loads of animal videos as well as pictures.

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Meet Her Parents and Siblings

Iris Apatow
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Iris Apatow spent her formative years alongside one sibling – an older sister called Maude Apatow. Her parents are none other than the renowned movie director Judd Apatow and his wife Leslie Mann who is Iris’ look alike. There is so much resemblance between the two that Iris is referred to as her mother’s mini-me. The family appears to be a close-knit one as they attend awards, premieres as well as other functions together.

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