Who Is Ja Morant’s Sister and Does He Have a Brother?

Ja Morant’s sister is Teniya Morant – a 54 years old American female basketball player currently playing high school basketball at Houston High School, Germantown, Tennessee. Ja does not have a brother, as Teniya is his only sibling. Ja Morant and his sister played basketball together as kids while they were learning the game’s basics from their father.

Teniya Morant really adores her brother, Ja, and speaks of him in glowing terms, especially as he is doing very well in the NBA. However, she has often said that she doesn’t want to be compared with her brother in any way at all. She wants to be known for the player that she currently is and what she can become in the future.

The future seems bright for Teniya as her parents have already created a basketball star in her brother, Ja Morant; now, can they make another basketball star of Teniya Morant?

Ja Morant’s Siblings

Ja Morant’s parents are believed to have had just two children in their marriage to date, and that is Ja Morant and Ja Morant’s sister, Teniya Morant. There is no record available that he has any other sibling apart from his sister, and there is no record that also suggests that he has any other siblings born out of wedlock by either parent.

Ja Morant, the Memphis Grizzlies point guard, is the first child of Tee and Jamie Morant. They had him while they were in College, and rather than run away, Ja Morant’s father did a very responsible thing and decided to stick by his girlfriend by keeping the baby and giving up on his own dream of becoming a basketball superstar someday, to provide for mother and child.

Ja Morant’s Sister is a Basketball Player

  • Name: Teniya Morant
  • Date of Birth:  February 16, 2005
  • Age: 18 years
  • Occupation: High School student and female High School basketball player

Ja Morant’s sister, Teniya Morant, was born on February 16, 2005, in Dalzell, South Carolina, in the United States of America. Ja was born several years earlier on August 10, 1999, to the same parents, Tee and Jamie Morant. Ja is five years and about seven months older than his little sister, Teniya. 

Ja Morant and His Sister Share a Close Relationship

If the actions of Ja Morant toward his sister are a measure of his love for her, then it is clear that he is indeed very close to his sister and loves her very dearly. Despite the fact that he has a very busy and tight schedule – training and preparation for his own basketball games, business meetings, actual game day matches, and other events that fill up his daily schedule, he makes it a priority to be at most of his sister’s basketball games.

He is also known to be his biggest cheerleader on the sidelines during her games, shouting words of encouragement to his sister and urging her on. During one of her recent birthdays, he surprised his sister with a brand new white 2022 Jeep Wrangler on Valentine’s day as an early birthday present. Ja Morant’s sister was overjoyed and blushing while taking delivery of the SUV that she had been longing to have for a very long time.

As he gave her the car, she was seen hugging him while blushing, and she got into the SUV. She is also seen wearing “Ja 1s,” – which are Ja Morant’s official shoes produced through his deal with Nike.

What Does Ja Morant’s sister, Teniya Morant, Do For A Living? 

Ja Morant’s sister, Teniya Morant, is currently in High School as she is presently studying at Houston High School, Germantown, Tennessee, in the United States of America. So her full-time occupation now is as a student, studying to graduate from High School, then move on to the university to get a degree and then pursue whatever career she decides to be in for the rest of her adult life.

However, it is worth noting that while she is still studying, she is also using her athletic gift and ability to play high school women’s basketball, just like her older brother, Ja Morant.

She is currently playing basketball for the Houston High School women’s basketball team as a point guard, and she has been putting in great work and getting awesome returns from her time on the court.

Having grown up learning the basics of playing basketball from her father, Tee Morant, and playing alongside her brother, Ja, most folks are looking curiously at her records and performance to see if she could make it in the Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA) league, and become a star just like her brother.

Teniya Morant is rumored to prefer training with male basketball players, as she is said to believe that if she can get past male basketball players, she can also get past her fellow female basketball players. She is currently averaging 27 points per game currently with about 10 assists and rebounds.  Her 3-point shooting game is on point currently, and we can see that the tutelage and advice she is getting from her father and brother seems to be finally paying off.

On January 31, 2023, she took to her Social Media handles to announce that she had been offered a D1 scholarship by Mississippi Valley State, and it is not yet clear if she would be staying with her current team or if she could be switching teams in the nearest possible future. The future seems bright for Teniya Morant as we all wait to see which team she will eventually decide to play for and if she will be a star in the WNBA.

Does Ja Morant Have a Brother? 

Ja Morant does not have a biological blood brother to the best of our knowledge, and according to all the information available about him and his family to date. Ja Morant’s parents only gave birth to his sister Teniya, a few years after him, and no advice suggests that they have another child after both of them, let alone a brother.

No information suggests that either of his parents had children out of wedlock, as they have been happily married for more than two decades now. They do, in fact, still live together in a mansion purchased by Ja Morant next to his own mansion.

Perhaps the only “brothers” Ja Morant probably has would be his very close male friends and possibly his teammates in the Memphis Grizzlies team or any other team he would probably play for.

There was a picture that he shared on his Instagram handle, though, where he and another male friend were relaxing in front of two cars, and he wrote the words you walk with me, now you ride with me; that statement tells a lot about how he feels about that male friend though, and you could call them “brothers”, but they are not linked by blood and it would probably be some other circumstances that they have not shared with the public yet.


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