Who Is Jeff Wittek And Why Did The YouTuber Go To Jail?

Jeff Wittek has done well for himself as a Youtuber. He has amassed a good social media following, especially on his Instagram handle. He has also shown that he is a talented actor as he has featured in a number of short movies. The Staten native, became a superstar after he hooked up with the amiable singer and actress; Cierra Ramirez. Sadly, their relationship lasted for three years before they went their separate ways. Discover more about Jeff Wittek below.

Who Is Jeff Wittek?

The interesting media personality full birth name is Jeffrey R. Wittek  He was birthed on 15th December 1989 to American parents at Staten Island, New York. The identity of his parents are not known and although he is yet to reveal who they are, he readily shouts out to them in his YouTube videos. Another fact which Jeff Wittek has also kept private is the names of his siblings if he has any, schools he attended and of course what his childhood was like.

However, one thing he has constantly revealed was the fact that he started his life living on the street, selling hard drugs especially cannabis (weeds) and as expected he was busted many times but his arrest in 2010 stands out.

After completing his jail term and losing everything he had, he decided to start making money legitimately by posting videos on online social platforms, thus re-launching himself as a media personality.


Jeffrey started building his career as an internet personality from the defunct Vine under the moniker, American Jeff.

He later set up a Tumblr account where he uploaded hair cuts titled Behind The Cuts which was deleted. Before he created his YouTube account on September 2011 and after some time, thanks to his past relationship with actress Cierra Ramirez, his followings on social media grew like wildfire into a million.

As a YouTuber, he uploads videos that are based on fitness, hairstyles, interviews with known media personalities among others. The likes of Anwar Jibawi, Jake Paul, Todd Smith, David Dobrik, Jason Nash, Josh Peck, and Jonah the list goes on. Wittek interviews the guest whilst giving them a hair cut and facial transformation. He has also incorporated motivation Mondays and style tips on his Instagram page.

As an actor, his movie cameo appearances include Declined Credit Card (2016), Crazy Drug Lord (2016), Petting Scorpions (2016), web miniseries titled Our Future (2019), and Netflix movie titled Little Black Mirror (2019).

Interestingly, he has done well for himself as a social media influencer, with his social media handle racking up sizable followings. His Twitter accounts have over 161,000 followers while his Instagram is larger with over 2.4 million as of September 2019.

Jeff Wittek is not just charming, funny, but he is a philanthropist who likes to do random good for others. He once picked up a homeless man, gave him a proper hair cut, change of raiments which included an expensive hoodie and jacket, and some cash.

How Much is Jeff Wittek Worth?

The net worth of Jeff Wittek has been estimated to be about $500,000 – which could be more. The social media personality earns via several means. He is a barber, actor, hairstylist, who has on his clietele list several well-known personalities including Big Sean. As an internet personality, his YouTube channel has over 1.4 million, his Instagram page has more than 2.4 million followers. Plus he is a brand ambassador for companies like Old spice, Colgate toothpaste, Mac Donald, American Express, and Honey.

Jeff Wittek’s Personal Life

Jeff Wittek
Jeff Wittek with his ex-girlfriend Cierra Ramirez Image Source

In 2015, the social media star met Cierra Alexa Ramirez in a night club after they were introduced by their mutual friend. They soon became one of the hottest couples around, attending events, functions such as Sundance Film Festival together and they later featured together in a movie Petting Scorpions in 2016.

Despite the fact that they seemed so good together and even won the award of J-14 Magazine’s celebrity couple of the summer of 2017; their three years relationship ended sometime in 2018.

The couple claimed that their tight schedule caused them to drift apart. The actor is yet to disclose who his new girlfriend maybe. Perhaps he is concentrating all his energy at building his career.

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Height and Body Measurement

Jeff Wittek has a slender athletic build which he works hard to maintain because of his modeling career. He stands tall at 6 feet 1 inch (1.85m). His frame is nicely supported by the weight of 80 kilograms (176.5 lb).

Why Did The YouTuber Go To Jail?

The hairstylist sometime in 2010 was busted for possession of hard drugs – like 20 grams of cannabis, cocaine and banned substances like 7.6g of Oxycodone. He was twenty-one years then when he was arrested. He posted a bond of about $61,000 before he was bailed from jail.

Wittek has apparently learned his lessons and has picked up the pieces of his life after his ordeal. The YouTuber has on several occasions talked about this stay in jail and adviced many of his fans to stir clear crime. On one such occasion, he even showcased how the foods they were served in jail looked like and how they made quick noodles.

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