Who Is Jodi Lynn Calaway, The Undertaker’s First Spouse?

Jodi Lynn Calaway is the first wife of The Undertaker – one of the greatest wrestlers of all time. She has always lived a very closely guarded life, but her marriage to the Undertaker brought her to the attention of the world.

Jodi Lynn was married to The Undertaker for about a decade and had a son for him named Gunner. Since her split from her husband in 1999, not much has been heard from her, and it seemed as if she just withdrew back into her shell – preferring to lock the whole world out of her life and affairs.

Summary of Jodi Lynn’s Biography

  • Full name:  Jodi Lynn Calaway
  • Gender: Female
  • Date of birth: 1965
  • Jodi Lynn’s Age: 59 years old
  • Ethnicity: Caucasian
  • Nationality: American
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Marital Status: Divorcee
  • Jodi Lynn’s Husband: Mark Callaway (also known as The Undertaker of WWE fame)
  • Jodi Lynn’s Children: Gunner Vince Calaway
  • Famous for: being a former WWE WAG once married to the Undertaker

Jodi Lynn Calaway was Born in 1965 

According to information available in the public space about Jodi Lynn, she is believed to have been born sometime in 1965, which would make her approximately 59 years old. The exact date and month of her birth are not known. Information about her parents and possible siblings isn’t available also.

While the exact details of Jodi Lynn’s birthplace are not known, she is believed to have been born somewhere in the United States of America. She is known to be of the Christian faith, which possibly means that she was raised by Christian parents. Also, details of her upbringing and educational background are also not known. Perhaps the fact that she is reported to have gotten married somewhat early possibly derailed her full educational pursuit.

Jodi Lynn Became The Undertaker’s Wife in 1989

From all information available about the couple’s history, it is believed that Mark Calaway (aka the Undertaker) and Jodi Lynn probably met sometime in the late 1980s. After they met, some sort of romantic interest began to develop between them which later developed into a full-fledged romantic relationship. They were believed to have cohabited for almost a decade before they eventually decided to get married sometime in 1989.

It is not expressly clear the kind of wedding ceremony they had back in the day, or if there was any elaborate ceremony. But from the very few pictures that have surfaced about the wedding ceremony in 1989, Jodi Lynn can be seen adorning a very pretty white gown on her wedding day, while Mike Callaway was not in the “Dead Man Walking” costume that he has been known for over the years, rather he was dressed in a very immaculate suit while exchanging marital vows with his bride at the altar.

Jody Lynn Calaway and Mike Calaway Welcomed a Son Together

The first child the couple had came in 1993, and it was a boy they named Gunner Vince Calaway. He was named after Vince McMahon – the Executive Chairman and majority shareholder of the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) franchise – who was Mike Calaway’s boss and an individual who made profound contributions to make the Undertaker the global legend that he is today. Gunner was 7 when his parents got divorced.

Gunner graduated from Full Sail University, Winter Park, Florida in the United States of America, where he obtained a degree in Video Game Art. He did not take after his legendary fighter father to become a professional wrestler, rather he chose to become a video game artist.

He currently works in a video game production company in the United States, with the dream of owning his own video game production company in the future. He is the only child from his parent’s marriage.

Jodi Lynn Calaway’s Marriage to The Undertaker Ended in 1999

Jodi Lynn’s marriage to Mark Calaway – also known as the Undertaker, lasted from 1989 to 1999. Their marriage was officially brought to an end on July 15, 1999, which came as a shock to many fans of the undertaker and his wife. At the time of their divorce, no reason was officially given by either party as the cause of their separation, and so many years after the breakup, many folks are still asking the question – Why did Jodi Lynn divorce her husband, Mark Calaway?

From what has been gathered, rumor has it that they got divorced because her husband was cheating on her and having extra-marital affairs out of their wedlock. Mark Calaway is a very popular figure known all over the world for his exploits in the wrestling ring, and it won’t be hard to believe that some of his female fans may desire to have him, and it would be very hard to resist the temptation/advances of the opposite sex at the height of his fame.

Another school of thought has it that Jodi Lynn was treated very poorly and shabbily in their marriage by her husband. They speculated that she possibly suffered both emotional and physical abuse from her wrestler husband, and when it got unbearable for her, she decided to call time on her union with her famous husband.

Another school of thought has it that a series of events had happened between the couple over their decade-long union, and these led to irreconcilable differences between the couple, which they couldn’t resolve amicably and which ultimately led to the end of their marriage. Whatever the reasons are, they have quietly gone their separate ways and refuse to speak on the matter.

Jodi Lynn Met and Married Her Husband Before He Became Famous

Jodi Lynn was married to Mark William Calaway, otherwise known to the rest of the world as either the Undertaker or the Dead Man Walking. He is an American, retired professional wrestler in the WWE world, and generally regarded as one of the Greatest Of All Time (GOAT) of wrestling. He was born in Houston, Texas in the United States of America on March 24, 1965, and is currently 58 years old. He was trained by Buzz Sawyer – who he never really liked or respected.

He began his wrestling career sometime in 1987 – just before he married Jodi Lynn, in the amateur circuits of WCCW and WCW, he then joined the WWF in 1990 before they became the WWE. He was officially revealed as the Undertaker when he joined the WWF, and he probably has the longest career in the high-octane wrestling sport, which spanned over 3 decades and that is no mean feat.

He won the WWE Championship 4 times, was 3 times World Heavyweight Champion, and the World Tag Team Championship 6 times, among several other awards and honors. He actually became a wrestler by coincidence, having preferred both basketball and football during his college days.

Where is Jodi Lynn Now?

After her divorce from Mike Calaway, Jodi Lynn retreated from the media and public space. For reasons known to her, she has chosen to keep away from the publicity that trailed her when she was married to “The Undertaker”.

Even though she is no longer present in the media or social media, she seems to be doing well and thriving in her personal life. She has continued to put her all into training her son who has at some point celebrated her on his Instagram page for being his best friend and “ride-or-die”.

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