Who Is Joel Edgerton Wife Or Girlfriend – Christine Centenera?

Fans often go overboard about celebs and their unique styles, labeling a good number of them as best dressed. However, the ones that really have it on hot coals are the fashion editors. Let’s take Joel Edgerton’s partner Christine Centenera as a case study. She was once employed in her capacity as the fashion editor for the popular Harper’s Bazaar in Australia but is presently with Vogue Australia also functioning as an editor.

Those may be her core jobs but Christine Centenera has something equally important on the side. She is a known stylist and has been hard at work with Kanye West who has plans of creating a fashion line. Reports hinted that she is behind the exceptional looks that Kim Kardashian is currently sporting, especially with Kim’s husband taking several fashion cues from the stylist and recycling all on his wife.

Who is Christine Centenera?

Christine Centenera
At the launch of Wardrobe NYC with Josh Goot image source

The details about Christine Centenera’s birth and family background have never come under the spotlight of the media including the identities of her parents and siblings. In the same vein, no one has the facts about the fashion editor’s academic qualifications.

However, everything about her career journey is all out in the open. In spite of her comparative geographic seclusion as the fashion director for the popular Vogue Australia, the famed stylist has personally, forged a circle of top-notch fashion insiders and celebrities, which include the likes of Justin O’Shea and Kanye West.

Her tenure with the publication saw Christine Centenera’s styling several notable names in Hollywood, including Naomi Campbell, Cate Blanchett, Elle Fanning, Cara Delevingne, Gisel, and Kim Kardashian. The celebrated stylist also takes the credit for the unique looks of Kate Upton, Lara Stone, Gemma Ward, Miranda Kerr, as well as many other big names in the entertainment industry.

One of her notable styling jobs is Kim’s cover for the popular Vogue Australia which came a while after the reality TV celeb put to birth for the second time. Christine is regularly photographed by big names like Garance Dore and Sartorialist as the admiration for her impeccable wardrobe continues to rise.

Christine Centenera was formerly with Harper’s Bazaar Australia as their fashion editor but later moved to Vogue after putting in a decade with Harper’s. Her affiliation with The Artist Group was quite brief, but she functions as an independent consultant working with top-notch celebs like Kanye West (for his womenswear line) and Ksubi. Christine has also worked for Louis Vuitton as a stylist under Virgil Abloh – the men’s creative director. Towards the end of 2017, she went into collaboration with Josh Goot to launch Wardrobe NYC – the unisex clothing line with 4- and 8-piece uniforms on offer. Christine has since moved to New York and is presently represented by M.A.P Sydney

Her Salary

It is true that Christine Centenera’s net worth has not been reported by any media source; however, stipulations by some news sources stated that the chic stylist receives a jaw-dropping $1 million as a retainer fee, just for her work with Kim Kardashian West.

From the eye-popping red carpet gowns to all the bodycon dresses, as well as the neutral camisoles, it has been Christine all the way. She is the one who takes the credit for Kim Kardashian’s beautiful high-fashion makeover.

Her signature style

The celeb fashion editor is best recognized for several of her stylish ensembles in black with daring “look-at-me” chokers, in addition to footwear that appears so chick that you will be forgiven if you consider snatching the pair right off her beautiful feet.

Many have been vocal in their admiration of her style, typically, Christine Centenera comes well covered from her head to her toes, yet, the famed stylist still oozes that subtle sex appeal that calls out to you. From what is obvious, nobody but Christine can effortlessly make baggy pants and a knee-length skirt to scream SEXY!

What fans admire most about Christine Centenera’s personal style is that it appears so wearable, relax as well as laid-back. Many of her wears may have come straight off the runway, but the most interesting part is that she sports most of them so effortlessly. With the famed fashion editor, the emphasis always goes on the clothes she wears, always preferring to go for the simple hairstyle and make-up to draw more attention to her apparel.

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