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Josh Duhamel’s is one face that many want to grace the screens while they are the cinemas or before their TV sets. He is tall and handsome; add this to his awesome acting skills and you have a full package of a well-loved actor with a good number of fans. He is best known for his role in the popular series Las Vegas and Transformers.

Josh Duhamel who was a model before he turned his skill set to acting but even beyond all of that, he was known for having been married to his once upon a time celebrity crush, singer, songwriter, and actress Fergie. Although the marriage ended faster than their fans expected, it endured for close to eight years.

Josh Duhamel’s Bio and Age

Although he was given the name Joshua David Duhamel at birth on the 14th day of November 1972, he is most known as Josh Duhamel his stage name. He comes from a catholic home in Minot North Dakota and still remains committed to his faith till this day. His parents are Bonnie L. Kemper a retired teacher and businesswoman and her husband Larry Duhamel a sales rep.

He was a courageous child having endured the separation of his parents and the challenges that come with it; he endeavored to make the best of the situation by maintaining relationships with both parties. At the end of his parents’ marriage, he had to live with his mother alongside 3 of his half-sisters; Ashlee, Kassidy, and Mckenzee Kemper. His ancestry is a mix of French-Canadian, Irish, English, Austrian, German and Norwegian.

Josh Duhamel’s Education was not affected by his parent’s divorce, except for a drop out during his days in college. He received higher education at Minot State University where he was also a member of the football team as a Quarterback. In an attempt to study in the field of dentistry, Duhamel majored in Biology in college but dropped out due to academic issues. He eventually sorted them out and graduated with a degree 10 years later.


After taking over 10 years to get a university degree, Josh Duhamel set his certification aside to pursue a career in modeling. He ran off with one of his friends to North California in pursuit of this passion. He did a number of modeling jobs and rose to become the 1997 male model of the year; beating Ashton Kutcher, the then famous model of Hollywood.

Duhamel’s exposure to the fashion world must have given him a glimpse into the amazing opportunities that the entertainment industry held. After spending just a few years in North California, he moved to Los Angeles to try his hands on acting. Duhamel quickly landed a role in the 1999 Soap Opera All My Children. Though he wasn’t long into acting, it was a major breakthrough because the movie brought him to the limelight; especially after he won one out of the 3 Daytime Emmy Awards Nominations he received. He was named Outstanding Supporting Actor in 2003. After this initial success, he seemed to be landing the right movies every step of the way with roles opposite well-known Hollywood faces.

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In 2003, he featured in the overly rated film series; Las Vegas, which spanned 5 different seasons. The following year, he was seen alongside celebrity actress Kate Bosworth in Win a Date With Tad Hamilton. The 2007 hit action series, Transformers, along with its sequels saw Duhamel starring as Captain William Lennox alongside Shia LaBeouf and Megan Fox.

Josh Duhamel has several other films to his name notable among which are The Romantics (2010), Life as We Know It (2010), Safe Haven (2013), Scenic Route, the series 11.22.63, and a couple of others. Besides acting both lead and minor roles, Duhamel did voice-over works in Jake and the Never Land Pirates which is an animated series.

Who Is Josh Duhamel Married To As Wife?

Josh Duhamel

The star actor had the opportunity to come in contact with his long-time celebrity crush Stacy Ann Ferguson popularly known by her stage name Fergie in 2004 on the set of the Las Vegas show. At the period the duo met, Fergie was with the music crew called the Black Eyed Peas and although Fergie she took her sweet time with Duhamel, they started dating in September 2004.

After a long courtship of 5 years, the duo got married on January 10, 2009. Not long after, the storm that shook their marriage came. Infidelity allegations were laid against Duhamel, but despite this, their marriage remained strong. Four years later, their first son was born who they named Axl Jack. Four years further on in 2017, the couple called it a quits on their marriage for reasons they chose not to share with their fans. Therefore, Josh Duhamel is not married as he has not given matrimony a second try.

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Net Worth

Having put in a good number of years into his acting career, Duhamel has amassed a huge net worth estimated at $15 million. His decent career in the entertainment industry has lasted for years and with the many successful movies he has been a part of, it would be a surprise if he doesn’t earn well.

Height and Other Facts about Josh Duhamel

Josh Duhamel has a good height; as an ex-model one will not expect less from his body build and height. The star stands at a height of 6 ft 3.5 inches or 191cm and weighs about 192 pounds.

Josh Duhamel is full of strength and vigor and still has quite a number of years to put into his career. In his few years of acting, he has featured in over 30 movies/ TV shows which is an outstanding performance on his part.

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