Who Is Latarian Milton, What Happened to Him and Where is He Now?

Latarian Milton (born 30th of August 2001; Aged: 22) is an American juvenile delinquent and internet sensation who took his grandma’s car on a joy ride at age seven.

Milton, nicknamed “Hood Rat Kid,” became popular in 2008 when he was just seven years old and decided to take his grandmother’s car on a joyride. 

After the car incident, Milton would get on the news for a number of other reasons, which only reminded people of his joyride at seven years old. The young man currently lives in Riviera Beach, Florida, with his family and works in music management.

Summary of Latarian Milton’s Biography

  • Full name: Latarian Milton
  • Gender: Male
  • Date of birth: 30th of August 2001
  • Latarian Milton’s Age: 22 years old
  • Ethnicity: African American
  • Nationality: American
  • Zodiac Sign: Virgo
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Latarian Milton’s Parents: Ashley Milton
  • Latarian Milton’s Height in Inches: 5 feet 5 inches
  • Latarian Milton’s Height in Centimetres: 165 cm
  • Latarian Milton’s Weight: 73 kg
  • Body measurements in inches: 37-32-35
  • Body measurements in centimetres: 93-81-88
  • Famous for: Taking his grandmother’s car on a joyride when he was seven
  • Facebook: @latarianmilton

What is Latarian Milton’s Age Now?

Latarian Milton was born on the 30th of August 2001 in Florida, which makes him 22 years now. His childhood was spent in Riviera Beach, Florida. He spent most of this time with his grandmother, Vikkita Stratford, who also raised him. His mother Ashley Milton was not fully present in his life, which is why his grandmother raised him. His mother’s absence was caused by her altercations with the law and some addictions that she suffered from.

Milton Became Famous After Using His Grandmother’s Car For a Joyride

Latarian Milton’s first claim to fame happened in 2008 when he was 7. The seven-year-old had decided to go on a joyride in his grandmother’s car. According to reports, he had left the house in anger after his mother had refused his request to visit a friend to watch some TV. Upon stepping out of the house, he saw his grandmother’s Dodge Durango, and the idea to drive it struck.

Milton started the car while his friend- another seven-year-old got in, and the two drove off. Lake Park and Palm Beach Gardens were notable places he drove past. However, the trip was not without its hassles. As an inexperienced driver who was also a child, Milton ran over two mailboxes. He also ran into four vehicles, two of which were parked, and the other two were cars in motion.

Other drivers noticed Milton, and they could see that he was physically a child. This prompted a call to the authorities, who proceeded to search for him. When the police caught him, the car was in a field around Investment Lane and Consumer Drive, where Milton was stuck and struggling to move.

This Incident was one of the Most Popular Events in The Riviera Beach Area

As expected for an absurd case, news outlets ate it up and reported on it frequently. Upon his apprehension by the police, which led to some questioning, they sought to understand the motivation for his behaviour, to which Latarian reported that he only did this because his mother had made him mad.

During the course of all the media coverage, Latarian Milton gave some interviews, and in one of such interviews, he dropped a quote which he came to be known for where he said that he had only wanted to partake in hoodrat stuff” with his friend.

For his grandmother, whose car he gained notoriety with, she was shocked by the entire situation and expressed her strong displeasure. She was mainly worried about the cost of fixing the damage to her car and the other cars that he hit during his ride.

Latarian Milton Made a Quick Return To The News

Only two weeks after his joyride Latarian Milton was back in the news. This time it was for an altercation with a family member, not his mother but his grandmother. He had expressed his desire for a chicken wing, which she refused to give him. He did not listen to her and decided to take one regardless. This led to a scolding, and in retaliation, Latarian Milton attacked his grandmother.

The police had to be involved, and because of the series of anti-social behaviour, they performed a mental evaluation on him before returning him back home. Another thing that happened after the incident was an invitation to appear before a judge. The Judge was Judge Judy, the famous television-legal Judge who runs her own show. But the plan for this fell through for a number of reasons.

Latarian Milton’s Sentence

Contrary to popular belief, Latarian Milton has actually never been to jail. During his run-ins with the law, he has been fortunate enough to get off with light sentences.

To be precise, the next few years after the joyride incident, Latarian Milton’s life was without any drama that caused media attention or the police. He went through the expected growth path for any child. For middle school, he attended John F. Kennedy Middle School, where he graduated in 2015.

Upon his graduation, he spoke to a few media houses about his plans and hopes for his future. Milton had hopes of going to high school as well as college, where he hoped to play football or apply to join the Navy, and if that did not work, he had his sights set on engineering.

It seemed like Latarian Milton was indeed on the path to this until 2017, when he was arrested for another car-related crime. This time, it was an armed carjacking. According to the police, Milton and three of his friends had attacked a Lyft driver and stole his vehicle and other possessions like his jacket, iPhone, and wallet. Of the 4 of them, Milton was the getaway driver. The group was charged with armed carjacking, burglary, and committing a felony while possessing a firearm.

When this happened, Latarian Milton was 16 but was tried as an adult. By some stroke of luck, he was able to get a lenient sentence. His punishment was community supervision which would last for four years. He was lucky enough not to get caught up in jail.

Is Latarian Milton Still in Jail?

Latarian Milton
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Latarian Milton was never in jail. After his armed carjacking offence, he managed to evade a prison sentence. He thereafter studied for a college degree at Oregon State University. Milton still lives in Riviera Beach, Florida, and works at a music management company. He has a thriving life going by his social media accounts. He has lots of friends and is in a relationship. The young man also maintains a good relationship with his mom and grandmom.


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