Who Is Laura Coates, How Successful Is She at CNN and Is She Married?

Laura Coates is a lawyer who has become a prominent media personality. She is best known for her work as a legal analyst with CNN and host of an eponymous radio talk show, The Laura Coates Show which airs on Sirius XM. Also an adjunct college professor of law, the analyst has contributed to a wide range of topics related to law and justice.

Before she became popular as a media personality, Coates worked in the Civil Rights Division of the Department of Justice as a trial attorney. As a writer, some of her write-ups have been published on reputable platforms like the Washington Post. In 2016, she published a book to help people face the police problem in America (You Have the Right: A Constitutional Guide to Policing the Police). All of these have left many curious about her background and personal life.

The CNN Analyst Is a Native of Saint Paul, Minnesota

The Saint Paul native was born on the 11th of July. Details of her early life and family background are hard to come by but it is said that she was born in 1979.

Also, even though the identities of her parents have largely remained a secret, it is obvious she is African-American and, we can confirm she isn’t the only child of her parents. She has a sister named Tracy Coates.

Her Educational Qualifications

Laura Coates obtained a Bachelor of Arts from Princeton University’s Woodrow Wilson School of Public and Internal Affairs located in New Jersey.

She also attended the University of Minnesota Law School where she earned a Juris Doctorate which prepared her for the career paths she would explore: as an attorney, a legal analyst, and author.

Laura Coates Began Her Legal Career in Private Practice

According to Laura, her legal career began in private practice and had her practice law in New York and Minnesota. At this phase of her career, the cases she handled ranged from media law and defamation to First Amendment issues and intellectual property litigation.

When she transitioned from private practice to the United States Department of Justice, she served as the Civil Rights Division trial attorney; this happened during the administration of the former United States president, Barack Obama. She also worked as a prosecutor during the regime of George W. Bush.

Laura Coates has shown great support for women’s rights movement and has fought for women and girls through her execution of criminal offenses like domestic violence and sexual assaults. She routinely speaks across the United States on topics related to law and justice.

The intelligent lawyer has also made contributions in the form of research works to journals like Boston Herald. Thanks to her vast knowledge in legal matters, Laura Coates serves as an adjunct professor of law at the George Washington University School of Law.

She Became a Legal Analyst for CNN in 2016

Laura Coates
Laura Coates as a legal analyst on CNN: image source

Laura embarked on providing legal commentary and analysis in the year 2016 when she bagged the role of a legal analyst at the prominent media house.

She specializes in the intersection of civil rights and criminal prosecution. Laura Coates also functions as a fill-in anchor for CNN’s Don Lemon.

She played a pivotal role in the network’s programming surrounding the impeachment trial of Donald Trump, this includes hosting a special titled White House in Crisis: The Impeachment Inquiry.

In June 2020, the legal analyst made contributions to the coverage of the Minneapolis unrest and the global protests following George Floyd’s death. Laura moderated Mayors Who Matter: A CNN Town Hall on Race and Covid-19, engaging with four female Afro-American mayors on the front lines.

Sometime in 2007, she launched her radio talk show on SiriusXM. In the show, Coates analyzes trending news of the day and interviews politicians, entertainers, and their likes on topics ranging from pop culture to politics and everything in between.

The TV personality has also hosted a series of true crime specials for the Oxygen network. She was announced as a possible replacement of the Canadian-American TV personality, George Alexander Trebek, as the host of the syndicated game show, Jeopardy.

Laura Is Married With Two Children

Laura Coates is happily married to her soul mate whose identity is yet to be known. Despite being a popular figure, Coates has successfully kept details of her personal life away from the public.

Even though some sources claim her spouse’s name is Dale Gordon, we are yet to substantiate this.

The gorgeous television personality is a mother of two. She gave birth to a son in the year 2013 and in the following year, she had a daughter. Despite the demands of her career, Coates devotes enough time to taking care of her kids. She occasionally brings them to the studio for her radio talk show broadcast.

The Analyst Was Devasted to Learn Her Little Daughter Was Insecure about Her Black Skin

It happened on the 20th of August 2018 when Laura Coates couldn’t keep the tears at bay on her show. On the said day, the SiriusXM radio host relived the moment her four-year-old daughter, Sydney, opened up to her about not liking the color of her skin.

According to the legal analyst, it was devastating to learn that her child didn’t like the way she looks. Apart from the fact that it broke her heart, it made her realize the massive and far-reaching implications of racism.

Looking into what prompted the opinion from her daughter, the Minnesota native linked it to her past as the girl had been bullied because of the color of her skin. The media personality disclosed that her daughter’s school didn’t let her participated actively during a princess tent party because of her dark skin and hair. She was made to feel she wasn’t beautiful and the 4-year-old girl became insecure about her skin.

Dropping the child off at school the next morning was a difficult thing to do. Because of this incident, Laura has become even more passionate about campaigns that fight for equality and against social justice.

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