Who is Moontellthat, How Does Her Voice Sound and What is Her Net Worth?

Moontellthat (born 20 February 1991) is a Vietnamese-American social media creative personality who has almost 15 million followers on TikTok alone. The 54 years old comedienne uses her TikTok account to share family-life-based funny skits, which have helped her garner about $1.25 million as her net worth.

Moontellthat was believed to have been bored during the Covid-19 lockdown and decided to find a creative way to amuse not only herself but also others with her life. She has offered a lot of comedic relief for a far-reaching audience since she began her videos. She initially began her posts on YouTube which enjoyed some measures of success. She soon decided to expand her frontiers and began using TikTok as her preferred comedy medium, and this has proved to be a very resounding success so far. Her follower count keeps rising tremendously year-on-year, and her profile seems to be growing every day.

MoonTellThat’s Biography Summary

  • Full name: Oanh Moon Nguyen
  • Nickname: Moon (or Honey, as her husband fondly calls her)
  • Gender: Female
  • Date of birth:  20 February 1991
  • Moontellthat’s Age: 32 years old
  • Ethnicity: Asian
  • Nationality: Vietnamese or Vietnamese-American
  • Zodiac Sign: Pisces
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Marital Status: Married
  • MoonTellThat’s Husband: Tiko
  • MoonTellThat’s Children: A son (and possibly a daughter, unconfirmed)
  • MoonTellThat’s Height in Inches: 5 feet 5 inches
  • MoonTellThat’s Height in Centimetres: 165 cm
  • MoonTellThat’s Weight: 51 Kilograms
  • Body measurements in inches: 32 – 25 – 34
  • Body measurements in centimeters: 81 – 63 – 86
  • MoonTellThat’s Net worth: About $1.25 million
  • Famous for:  Social Media comedienne and Content Creator (alongside her husband)
  • MoonTellThat’s Instagram:  @moontellthat
  • Twitter: @MoonTellThat
  • Facebook: MOONTELLTHAT
  • TikTok: @moontellthat
  • YouTube: www.youtube.com/moontellthat

What is Moontellthat’s Real Name?

Moontellthat is simply her moniker which she uses on all her Social Media handles, her real birth name is  Oanh Moon Nguyen, and her name leaves a few folks scratching their heads while trying to truly decipher where she comes from based on her name alone.

The last part of her name – Nguyen, sounds like a Chinese name to some people, who have somehow concluded that she is of Chinese descent or ancestry. Unfortunately, this is not the case as she is not Chinese (even though some folks seem to believe that all Asians seem to look alike), but she is  Vietnamese or Vietnamese-American if you consider the fact that she is now a United States of America citizen as well.

Where is Moontellthat From?

Moontellthat was born on 20 February. 1991 in Tien Giang, Vietnam, and that makes her Vietnamese by birth. Not much information is known about her parents and her entire family. She has not revealed any information if she is the only child of her parents, or if she has other siblings. She spent most of her early life and teenage years in Vietnam, with next to nothing known about her educational background and history.

In 2000, she decided to leave Vietnam and seek greener pastures or better opportunities for herself outside the shores of her homeland, and she migrated to the United States of America. On getting to the United States, the very first job that she took up to sustain herself was working in a beauty salon. While working at the saloon, she came across the man who would eventually become her husband. So again, referring to Moontellthat as a Vietnamese-American won’t be out of context at all.

Did Moontellthat’s Father Die?


I just wanted to warm his heart 🥹

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As of the time of writing this article, Monntellthat’s father is still alive – hale and hearty, and in fact, he was featured in a TikTok video that was posted by Moon herself recently. In the video, her husband tipped off her father about Moon’s “scandal,” and he went with Tiko to correct his daughter lovingly – with his slippers drawn and ready to beat some sense into her.

It is not clear where this rumor of the possibility of Moon’s much-loved father’s death seemed to have emanated from. There was a time when he was not seen as frequently as he has always been seen in Moontellthat’s video posts (based on the fact that he seems to live in the same house with them), so that could possibly be the reason why people would think like that – and the fact that he is a gray old man, but Tiko and Moon addressed that issue in a video they made a while ago where they stated that “Dad” – as Tiko fondly calls him, has been missing his family and friends back home in Vietnam, so he simply went to visit and has since been back in the United States with Moon.

What Does Moontellthat’s Voice Sound Like?

What Moontellthat’s voice sounds like is just a matter of perception – which can possibly be one of three perceptions. To some, Moon’s voice simply sounds like that of a normal Vietnamese lady’s voice who is just going about her daily family activities.  To some others, her voice sounds foreign, as it doesn’t sound American at all, so she sounds like a stranger with a foreign accent.

Yet there are some others who believe that Moontellthat’s voice – at least the one she uses in her Social Media posts, is a fake accent which is not how she sounds off camera. These folks believe that she is faking her accent in order to “get in character” for the role of a Vietnamese immigrant living in America with her father and husband and that that voice/accent is just for show.

In one of the videos that they made in the past, her husband, Tiko, asked her this very particular question of why she talks or sounds like that, and she calmly answered that that is the normal way she talks. He then proceeded to ask her a few more questions, which she calmly answered in her usual broken English, with a bit of Vietnamese anger, that she has been known for when her husband usually gets under her skin.

From all we can tell about her from the hundreds of videos and other interviews that she has granted over the years, Moon’s voice which we have consistently heard over the years in her videos seems to be her real voice and her natural accent. She is just a Vietnamese girl, being Vietnamese, as she put up on one of her Social Media profiles.

What is Moontellthat’s Net Worth?

Moontellthat’s current net worth is put at about $ 1.25 million dollars – which is up by about $ 300,000 from the last time her net worth was assessed. There are indications, however, that this might not be the true and exact figure of her net worth as it is believed that she has some endorsement deals for which she has not fully disclosed the income she earns to the public.

From the hundreds of videos that she has shared on her Social Media handles – especially on TikTok, over the last couple of years, they are seen to have changed house and probably live in their own home right now.

The home looks really nice and grand, and several comments have been made by their followers on Social Media, complementing them on their home. Moreover, some of the automobiles that we have seen them use in their videos currently include a Lexus SUV and a Mercedes Benz AMG luxurious sedan car.

How Much Does Moontellthat Make on TikTok?


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Moontellthat has never revealed the exact details of how much she has ever made from the short video-sharing app called TikTok. Since TikTok is the app where she has the most following of all her Social Media handles, it is natural to assume that most of her earnings would come from this platform, so we will try to estimate how much Moontellthat could have possibly earned from this platform over the past couple of years.

Moontellthat presently has about 14.8 million followers on her TikTok handle. From all the videos that she has shared over the past couple of years, they have received well over 442.4 million likes – whether that is the total views or just the likes alone is not really clear. Now, we know that  TikTok pays its video content creators between $ 2 to $ 4 per 1,000 views. So if we take $ 3 as the average pay per 1,000 views, we can approximate her earnings from TikTok.

If we assume that Moontellthat’s 442.4 million likes on the app equal views, then she could have made as much as $ 1,327,200 from TikTok alone, without tax deductions.  Her actual earnings would be significantly lower than this after all tax deductions. We also know that TikTok is not the only platform that she makes revenue from, as she has leveraged her personal brand’s popularity to open and run an e-commerce site called moontellthat.com, where she sells custom-made merchandise such as T-shirts, joggers, trainers, and other items.

Moontellthat also has a presence on other Social Media platforms that she draws revenue from. She has just a little over 1 million subscribers on her YouTube channel – which also brings in some money. She also has about 890,000 followers on her Instagram handle, which also brings in some money. We do not know how much she earns from brands that she promotes on her channels, as this is a private arrangement that can be billed at the individual’s discretion, and this runs into hundreds of thousands of dollars and even tens of millions for personal brands that have enough following as she does.

Who is Moontellthat’s Husband?

Montellthat husband’s name is simply given as Tiko, and he is no stranger to all those who are her fans or who love the comedic relief that the couple provides via her TikTok handle. He is Armenian or has Armenian Ancestry, and it is not clear if he was the one that migrated to the United States of America like his wife or if it was his parents that migrated earlier and simply brought him along as a kid.

One thing is sure that we know about Tiko, and it is the fact that his command of the English Language is way better than that of his wife, whose expression in the English Language requires her listeners and/or viewers to possess the ability to interpret what she is trying to say through her gesticulations or facial/bodily expressions as well as being able to fill in the blanks (that she always misses) most times.

The exact details of when Moontellthat and Tiko actually met and began dating are not available in the public place, nor have they mentioned it in their videos or the Question and Answers sessions that they show to their audience once in a while. They were prevented from getting married at the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic of 2019 and 2020, but as soon as the restrictions and lockdowns were eased up, they eventually got married in September 2020 and have been happily married since then.

They are believed to have a son whose name has never been revealed, neither have we ever seen him in any of their videos. In one of their video skits, a young girl’s voice was heard (as she was behind the camera). In the video, she reported both Moontellthat and her husband, Tiko, to their father as being involved in a “scandal”; the young girl called their father grandpa, so it is not sure if she is their own child or that of a family member.

Tiko most times is the one behind the camera in their video skits or the agent provocateur who always brings out the angry side of his wife and makes her show off her sandal-throwing prowess and accuracy, as well as her usual outburst of “Tiko you don’t love your life? You deep loose”.

Does Moontellthat Fake Her Accent? Why Does She Really Talk Like That?

From all we know of this wonderful comedic family and Moontellthat in particular, there is no reason to believe that she fakes her accent in any way or manner.  Since she grew up in Vietnam and spent more than half of her life there without learning or speaking the English Language, it would take some time for her accent to sound more American than Vietnamese. Again, we have seen her father – whom she popularly refers to as the “mango man” or simply father, speak almost in the same accent as his daughter, with the only difference being that his voice is deeper and not high-pitched like hers.

The truth is that you can’t help being who you truly are, and Moontellthat is simply just being who she is without any inhibition at all. Moreover, this has endeared her to millions of fans all over the world – who find her easy to relate with. She talks just like every other Vietnamese that is just learning the English Language and finds it a bit challenging to articulately express themself freely without committing grammatical blunders and errors.


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