Who is Nicole Mejia and What Do We Know About The Model and Instagram Star?

Nicole Mejia is one individual who has shown that through determination and hard work, one can totally turn any situation around. She is a model and a fitness expert whose story has inspired millions of people in their quest for self-love and body acceptance. Nicole is also an entrepreneur who has been able to monetize what started as a hobby and a quest for self-discovery. She owns the fitness company Fit and Thick and continues to inspire women through her different platforms. Let’s explore some lesser-known facts about the fitness enthusiast in this piece.

Who is Nicole Mejia?

Nicole was born in Pembroke Pines, Florida on the 18th of November 1988. While much isn’t known about her parents besides the fact that her father is Columbian and mother Italian, she grew up with three siblings and enjoys a very close relationship with her sister – Noelle.

Growing up wasn’t an enjoyable experience for Nicole as she was constantly teased and bullied for being overweight. She admits that this really affected her self esteem and after she graduated from high school, she became determined to turn her life around in a natural and holistic way. She embarked on her fitness journey and hasn’t looked back since then.

Nicole and Noelle
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Other Facts About The Model and Instagram Star?

  • Modeling Career

Nicole Mejia has revealed that she didn’t set out to become a model. It was something she fell into. When she was 21 years old, one of her friends asked her to model for her photography portfolio. This single act boosted her confidence in her new-found body and she began to pose for local photographers and model for brands. Asides the money she makes from it, modeling has also become a way of helping her overcome her self consciousness of the past and has been an empowering and positive experience.

  • Fitness Company

Nicole decided to channel her energy into helping women achieve the successes she has achieved with her body in a positive and natural way. In 2013, she began a fitness company she named Fit and Thick where she works on educating women about fitness, nutrition, motivation, and self-acceptance. Nicole uses her company to address what she believes is one of biggest problem in the fitness industry which is basically the lack of attainable and realistic goals for the everyday woman. Her exercise regime focuses on building strength and endurance through circuit-style weight training and high-intensity interval training. Her nutrition advice is not based on a specific diet, she encourages women to adopt a diet with long term benefits rather than short term successes. With her movement, she preaches a balance in emotional and mental health, acceptance of all body types regardless of stereotypes and the societal standards about beauty.

  • Social Media Following

Asides her very ‘hot’ physique, one of the reasons Nicole Mejia has been able to amass such huge followership on social media is her honesty. She keeps it real with her followers and has been very vulnerable and honest about her struggles which have made her well-loved. Her story is relatable as so many people are going through the same struggle and continue to draw inspiration from her successes. She has over 1. 2 million followers on Instagram where she constantly shares beautiful and raunchy pictures of herself. She also shares motivational contents and several meal and exercise plans. She has over 14k followers on Twitter and runs a Youtube channel.

  • Relationship Status

Nicole isn’t the type to speak about her relationship to the press. Probably due to the insecurities she experienced growing up, she hasn’t been open about who she has been in a relationship with in the past. However, due to her posts on Instagram, it has been rumored that she has been dating Ibrahim Sebai. Nicole hasn’t come out to refute or confirm the claim.

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  • Net Worth

Nicole has come a long way from the chubby, bullied, low self-esteemed girl to the celebrated model and fitness expert she is today. With her modeling career and the launch of her fitness company, her net worth has been estimated to be well over $1 million.

  • Physical Statistics

Nicole is very fit and it’s amazing that she has been able to achieve her perfect body without going under the knife. She weighs around 56.7kg and is 5 feet 4 inches tall. Her body measurement is 34-24-40 inches.


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