Who Is Omuhle Gela’s Boyfriend and At What Age Did She Have Her Baby?

Omuhle Gela is a true representation of her name (Omuhle) which means “The beautiful one”. A South African actress known for her appearances in major TV projects, especially Muvhango, the 29-year-old is also a fashion designer and entrepreneur which explains the popularity she enjoys on social media platforms. Notwithstanding, she likes to keep a tight lid on personal matters, keeping fans in the dark about the latest news in her love life.

One of such occasions was when she surprised her fans with news of her pregnancy in 2020 and just one month later, she welcomed her baby. She has continued to keep things private even when her fans are eager to know who her baby daddy is but trust social media detectives to come up with an answer for everything. The question now is who actually is Omuhle Gela’s baby daddy and what is the nature of their relationship?

Who Is The Father Of Omuhle Gela’s Baby?

At first, nobody could decipher the codes and confirm who the actress’s baby daddy is but with time, social media investigators started bringing it all together to make sense, or so it seems. Two names have popped up in the search for Gela’s baby daddy so far and they are South African business executive Nsovo Mashaba and presenter Kat Sinivasan.

Nobody can say when her relationship with Nsovo started or even when it came to an end due to her privacy policy. However, Gela was allegedly rolling with him before her pregnancy emerged. Of course, the relationship between the two is mere speculations and rumors but one thing is for sure, they are no longer together as Nsovo is with another popular celebrity. In fact, he has been with his current girlfriend for quite a while now and they are not hiding anything from the media. The businessman is known to enter into relationships with successful and high-profile women. Nevertheless, he is not gold-digging or trying to be popular as he already has all that.

Mashaba is from a wealthy home himself, the son of controversial businessman Auswell Mashaba. Nsovo is the general manager of AM Lodge which is owned by his father. He is often seen having a great time alone or with friends and sharing pictures of his lavish lifestyle and flashy cars on Instagram.

Meanwhile, during a Q&A on Instagram, Omuhle Gela told a fan who asked if presenter Kat Sinivasan is the father of her baby that the details of who fathered her child are nobody’s business and if it were, she would have shared it. She did say that the baby’s dad and her family are the ones helping with taking care of her bundle of joy. This means she is not in any way struggling to take care of the baby with her career in full motion. She also revealed that the pregnancy made her 20kg bigger.

Overall, there is no confirmation about the identity of Omuhle’s baby daddy but fans are convinced that Nsovo is the man, though he has not said anything. Confidential information also revealed that the baby girl looks like her mother which means you can’t judge from her features.

Omuhle Was Almost 29 When She Had Her Daughter

Born on November 19, 1991, Gela was almost 29 years old when she welcomed her first child. It took months of speculations before she opened up about her pregnancy in the most adorable manner. She took to Instagram to share a picture of her baby bump in August 2020, coupled with a lovely letter written to her unborn child. Part of her message read “I genuinely wanted to enjoy it privately because it’s been an extremely sentimental transition for me” and this was her main reason for keeping it a secret. The joy of motherhood overwhelmed her and she refused to spoil the moment by sharing the news too early.

The actual date she gave birth to her baby girl was not shared but on September 6, 2020, the actress took to Instagram once again with a picture of her baby’s legs which she used to announce her birth. The name of the baby was not shared and her face have not been revealed as well.

She also shared the fact that her daughter got her eyes but has a finer version. She has so far made sure the face of her baby is not captured in any of the pictures she has shared on social media. Gela welcomed her bundle of joy two months before her 29th birthday.

The Possible Reason Omuhle Gela Is Hiding Her Baby Daddy’s Identity

While the actress said she wanted to enjoy her pregnancy and motherhood in private, there may be other reasons she wants to keep things on the low. If the rumors about Nsovo Mashaba being the father of her child is anything to go by, the actress might not be in a hurry to share information about it because the business executive has been in a publicly acknowledged relationship with social media influencer Mbali Sebapu.

Though they are not yet married, the two are obviously in love and have not hidden their relationship from the public. Nsovo takes every opportunity to pour his heart out about his feelings for Mbali, indicating that he is not in any relationship with Gela.

Mbali is a popular social media influencer and businesswoman. Before that, she was in the military, serving at the South African Defence Force (SA Navy). She left the military to follow her passion of being a beauty influencer and she seems to have made the right call.

Who Is Omuhle Gela Dating Now and Who Has She Dated in the Past?

A very busy woman, Omuhle is currently single and focusing all her attention on raising her child and building her career. Her Instagram page is filled with pictures that give nothing away about a prospective boyfriend or relationship. Being a private person, even her past relationships are not publicly known but one name that has popped up in that regard is South African musician DJ Lulo Café.

DJ Lulo Café, on the other hand, has four children with baby mama Asanda Sizani who is a fashion magazine executive. So far, the relationship history of Omuhle Gela remains a mystery, just like every personal detail about her life.

Chacha is a writer with a wealth of experience who has contributed across several channels. Her specialty includes celebrity lifestyle including how top movie stars, musicians, and comedians live their lives.
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