Ryan Owens Was A Late Navy SEAL Officer – Meet His Wife And Family

Ryan Owens was the sole US Navy SEAL that lost his life during the Yemeni Civil War on the 29th of January 2017. Though he has long been buried, Owen will forever be remembered by all of America. According to the president of the United States, President Donald Trump, the fallen hero laid down his life for the good of the entire country and his memory will forever remain fresh in their minds. In honor of this fallen hero, here is a look at his life and the legacy he left behind.

Who Was Ryan Owens?

Ryan Owens was born in Peoria, Illinois United States on the 5th of March 1980, but his formative years were divided between Chillicothe, Illinois and Fort Lauderdale, Florida. According to reports from the Miami Herald, both his parents served with the police, while his mum functioned as a detective, his dad Bill Owens was employed in his capacity as a policeman.

A closer look at his academic qualifications revealed that Owens was a student at Illinois Valley Central High School where he accomplished his high school graduation in 1998. No further records exist on the possibility of higher academic qualifications which points to the fact that he may not have gone to the university.

Barely a few months after his high school graduation, Ryan Owens enlisted to join the US Navy, precisely on the 24th of August 1998, serving in Suitland, Maryland at the Office of Naval Intelligence. After four years with the Navy, Ryan attended training for Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL (BUD/S) in class 239, following which he became part of the US Navy SEAL.

Throughout the course of the fallen hero’s career in the Navy SEAL, Ryan was constantly on five tours of duty. 2009 saw him promoted to the rank of a chief petty officer, however, he was only able to attain the next level of senior chief petty officer seven days after his untimely death. During his tours, the late Navy SEAL aided in the rescue of some comrades that were wounded and pinned down, he was also reported to have guided in MEDEVAC choppers while it was under fire.

According to reports from CNN, Ryan Owens earned an award of the Silver Star (albeit posthumously) for his effort during a July 2015 battle that lasted for three days in Somalia. During the said encounter, the fallen hero was responsible for leading a 12-man team along with some African forces where they had to come against al Qaeda militants that were reported to be 400 in number. Owens’ citations revealed that he was ensnared with machine guns, small arms, rocket-propelled grenades, anti-aircraft guns, as well as improvised explosive devices. It also stated that he exposed himself repeatedly to enemy fire, eventually assisting in securing the town which was reported to have been under the control of the militant for a decade.

That is not all; the brave navy also received a couple of bronze star medals, in addition to nine other prestigious awards and medals. He was also the recipient of three Presidential Unit Citations.

The 36-year-old was part of the Yakla raid – a United States-led Special Operations Forces attack staged in Al Bayda province which is located in central Yemen. He died as a result of fatal the wounds that he sustained at a terrorism-related operation on the 29th of January 2017 during the Yemeni Civil War, according to the Pentagon, the mission was targeted at gaining some inside information on impending al-Qaida attacks against the United State and its allies. The raid also saw the death of 14 militants and 16 civilians. Ryan Owens’ body was interred at Arlington National Cemetery.

Who Were His Wife and Family?

Ryan Owens
Ryan Owens and his widow Carryn Owens image source

The deceased navy was the spouse of Carryn Owens. Though details of their wedding and life together are not public knowledge, it later came to light that they had three children. However, the identities of their kids are not known by the public. The widow of Ryan Owen received a tribute from President Donald Trump during his initial address to Congress. In his speech, the president eulogized Owens for laying down his life for his country, for his friends, and for freedom, that America will never forget him. The speech provoked a standing ovation and Carryn couldn’t help but shed tears as she looked up to the heavens.

On his own part, the father of the fallen navy Bill Owens is calling for an investigation into the planning of the Yemen anti-terrorism raid, and he is also criticizing the administration of President Donald Trump for its timing. Ryan Owens’s dad even refused to meet with Trump at the Dover Air Force Base when they were both there to receive the body of the deceased.


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