Who Is Sari Arambulo, How Old Is She, Where Is She From?

Chances are that you probably do not know Sari Arambulo. However, this young lady is one that you definitely need to watch out for. Sari Arambulo is one of the starlets that is making waves in Hollywood. The fast-rising actress has appeared in many popular TV series, as well as a few movies. She is, however, most popular for her role as the sweet and kind-hearted Grace on the NBC comedy series, A.P. Bio. Arambulo’s performance has endeared her to many and has contributed to the show’s success. She definitely has the makings of a future Hollywood star.

Who is Sari Arambulo? (How old is she and Where is she from?)

Sari Arambulo was born on the 20th of April 1996. Arambulo is a full-fledged American having being born and raised in Los Angeles, the United States of America. Her ethnicity is, however, Filipino as her parents are originally from the Philippines.

She has at least one elder brother. Arambulo is quite close to her family and has stated that one of her favourite things to do is to spend time with them.

The actress spent her formative years in Los Angeles and attended the Notre Dame Academy. While in high school, Arambulo was exceptional in both academics and athletics.  She took part in various sports, including volleyball and basketball, but was particularly excellent at the latter. She played basketball for eight years, starting from the third grade, and was named the most valuable player on her school’s team.

On the academic side, the actress was so intelligent that she took several advanced placement classes. They include A.P. French, US history, literature, English, calculus, and government. Arambulo received her high school diploma in 2013. She thereafter enrolled at the University of Southern California where she majored in communications with a minor in cinematic arts.

Hollywood Career

Sari Arambulo exhibited a natural aptitude for the performing arts when she was just a child. Her parents, therefore, enrolled her in several classes including dance and voice lessons. The young Arambulo thoroughly enjoyed these classes and soon started taking part in hip-hop competitions. She also took acting classes and participated in several plays. They include Alice in Wonderland (Notre Dame Academy), Into the Woods (St Anastasia School) and D Day at D Land (at the Santa Monica Playhouse).

Sari Arambulo made her professional debut at the age of 10, appearing in a SpongeBob Squarepants commercial. The whole affair was expectedly silly but she still found it magical. The experience made her fall in love with acting and she thereafter decided to pursue a career in that direction so as to bring joy to others through her performance.

Arambulo scored her first real acting gig in the 2008 comedy/romance drama – Brown Soup Thing. Since then, she has gone to appear in several other TV series and movies including Modern Family, Sweet/Vicious, The Middle, Girl Meets World, Trophy Wife, The Soup Investigates, Perception, See Dad Run and A.P. Bio.

A.P. Bio is an NBC comedy series which debuted in February 2018. The series revolves around a disgraced Harvard philosophy scholar, Jack Griffin, who becomes an AP biology professor at a local high school. Griffin realizes that his students are quite smart and uses them as minions to get back at his perceived enemies. In the series, Arambulo played the role of the sweet and kind-hearted Grace. Her character finds herself caught up in student council politics, relationship rumours as well as Griffin’s shenanigans.

Sari Arambulo
Arambulo with her elder sister. Sari Arambulo/Instagram

Height and Weight

Sari Arambulo is 5 feet 1 inch tall (1.5 m) and her weight is given as 105 lbs or 47.6 kg. Her hair colour is brown while her eye dark colour is also brown. The actress has a slim physique which is unsurprising as she is a fan of physical activities such as dancing, hula-hooping, biking, powerlifting, and Kung Fu.

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Other Facts about Sari Arambulo

– She speaks French fluently and spent one semester studying in French cities such as Paris and Dijon.

– Her favourite movies include The Parent Trap, Despicable Me, Two for the Road and The Devil Wears Prada.

– She is a self-described foodie and loves trying out new restaurants.

– She is inspired by renowned actresses such as Meryl Streep and Reese Witherspoon.

– Her favourite book is the Harry Potter series.

– The actress is quite adventurous; she has ridden camels and has swam with dolphins.

– Her dream role is to play the lead character in an action movie.

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