Who Is Skylar Staten Randall, Bryan Randall’s Daughter?

Skylar Staten Randall (born September 12, 1993; Aged 30 years) is the daughter of Bryan Randall, a famous photographer, and his then-girlfriend, Janine Staten.

Despite being a celebrity kid, Sky didn’t have an ideal childhood. She was raised by her drug-addicted mother who later died. The only opportunity she had to live a normal life was with her grandmother who raised her for about two years before she also passed away. She was then passed over to her father. Sky’s childhood was traumatizing due to her parent’s addiction to drugs.

Summary of Skylar Staten Randall’s Biography

  • Full name: Skylar Staten Randall
  • Nickname: Sky
  • Gender: Female
  • Date of Birth: 12th September 1993
  • Skylar Staten Randall’s Age: 30 years
  • Ethnicity: White
  • Nationality: Americans
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Marital Status: Unknown
  • Skylar Staten Randall’s Parents: Bryan Randall (Father)and Janine Staten (Mother)
  • Skylar Staten Randall’s Net worth: $100,000 (estimated)
  • Famous for: Celebrity Kid (daughter of Bryan Randall)

How Old is Bryan Randall’s Daughter, Skylar Staten Randall?

Bryan Randall’s daughter, Skylar Staten Randall, is a well-known celebrity kid who is 30 years old. Skylar is a mixed-ethnicity person who was born on September 12, 1993, in Los Angeles, California.

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She is African American, Filipino, and Irish. Her mother was a former model and her father was a prominent photographer, thus she was supposed to be nurtured in a creative and multicultural home.

Who are Skylar’s Parents and Are They Still Together?

Skylar’s parents are Janine Staten and Bryan Randall. They were once romantically involved. Unfortunately for Skylar, they eventually called it quits as their relationship and conduct became unhealthy, especially for their child-Skylar. Janine Staten who is Skylar’s mother died in 2004.

Bryan Randall who is Skylar’s father is still very much alive. While his marital status is unknown to the general public. It is assumed that he is still dating Sandra Bullock after he moved into her lavish $16 million Beverly Hills apartment. Skylar was said to have turned down an offer to move in with them.

Bryan Randall’s Drug Addiction and How It Affected Skylar

Bryan Randall’s work as a celebrity photographer made him very well-known, but it also came with drug addiction issues. Skylar’s father battled addiction when she was a child, which had a big impact on their family life.


Early in the 1990s, while the photographer was getting treatment for his substance abuse issues, his then-fiancee Janine Staten became pregnant with Skylar. Family members and other sources confirm that Bryan was not around for his daughter’s formative years. According to previous records, the court also mandated that he pay $2,000 in unpaid child support for a ten-month period.

He was also jailed by Multnomah County police in 1993 for drunk driving and again in 1996 for breaking the terms of his probation. After spreading dog poop on his neighbor’s door in 2012, Bryan was once more issued a restraining order. Skylar’s parents ultimately separated when she was 11 years old. Despite this, Bryan sought treatment and overcame his addiction while her mother-Janine persisted in using.

Janine Staten’s Death and How It Affected Skylar Randall

Skylar also experienced another tragedy when her mother, Janine Staten, passed tragically as a result of her addiction to heroin. Once her relationship with Skylar’s father ended, the mother of one resorted to Micheal Blankenship, a heroin dealer, and self-confessed addict, to find comfort. It was inevitable that Janine would start abusing heroin after marrying a heroin drug lord.

The tragic reminder of the negative consequences that drug addiction may have is provided by Janine’s premature death. Due to her heroin addiction, Janine’s body became infected and she passed away in a coma. Her hospitalization began on December 6, 2003, but she passed away on January 7, 2004.

When Janine was admitted to the hospital on December 6, 2003, she was likely in very bad shape due to the toll that her addiction had put on her health. Heroin use can have detrimental impacts on one’s health, including respiratory diseases, depression, organ damage, and infections. Sadly, despite the best efforts of the doctors, Janine’s health worsened, and she eventually passed away. As an act of compassion to Janine’s mother, who worked diligently for the community,  Rogue Valley Medical Center canceled Janine’s astronomical medical expenses.

When she lost her mother, Skylar was only 11 years old, and it drastically altered her life. It was a challenging period for her as she had to learn how to deal with her grief.

Skylar Enjoyed Two Years of Normal Childhood With Her Grandmother

After the death of her mother, Skylar had to go live with her grandmother Pierrette Johnson. The time spent with her was one of the happiest and most stable times of her childhood. Sadly, her grandmother also passed away from a heart attack while delivering blueberry muffins to the Society of St. Vincent de Paul (It is a nonprofit Catholic charity that assists the weak). She died on the 17th of February 2009 while Skylar was 14 years old.

As stated earlier, Bryan Randall was not a present figure in Skylar’s life but the death of her mother and grandmother left him as Skylar’s only surviving close relative and guardian so he had no choice but to step up to the plate. Bryan had to take responsibility for his daughter and he moved her to Los Angeles with him where she completed high school. She attended college in Arizona.

What Does Bryan Randall’s Daughter Do For A Living?

Skylar, unlike her parents, made different decisions for her life after she became of age. Asides from what is known about her formative years, nothing is known about her life. What course she studied in school and what profession she does is unknown as she has chosen to keep a low profile.

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The young lady seems to have severed ties with her popular father as she doesn’t go out with him, especially in public. Moreover, she is said to live just five miles away from his family but prefers to keep away from the celebrity world of her father.

In her bid to keep a low profile, she has stopped using her father’s name and instead goes by “Staten”, her mother’s surname.

Is Skylar Randall in a Relationship or Single?

Nothing is known about Skylar’s private life because the well-known woman is very private about her personal matters. She hasn’t talked about her love relationships in public, although there are lots of speculations about them. While some think she is unmarried and committed to her job, others think she is in a covert relationship.

Staten’s decision to disappear from social media and the general public implies that she is actually looking for a break from the spotlight. In conclusion, Skylar Staten Randall has had a lot of hardships and tragedies in her life, but she has displayed incredible perseverance and tenacity.

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