Who Is Tammy Rivera, Waka Flocka’s Wife – 6 Facts You Should Know

Tammy Rivera gained popularity as a vocalist, TV personality, businesswoman as well as a fashion designer. She became a mainstream celeb after her appearance on Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta – the VH1 reality show where she was cast alongside her husband actor Waka Flocka. As a singer, the famed artist has singles like All These Kisses (June 12, 2017) and Only One (November 7, 2017) to her credit. However, she dropped her EP titled Fate on the 23rd of April 2018. Read on to get the inside story on her personal life and career.

Who Is Tammy Rivera?

Her given name is Tammy Rivera Williams and she was born in Baltimore, Maryland on the 30th of July 1986. Tammy spent her formative years in her place of birth with her African-American mum who single-handedly raised her after the unfortunate experience that took her dad Oscar Rivera to prison where he served 30 years.

According to reports, Tammy Rivera’s father is an ingenious Puerto Rican who migrated to the US with his parents at the age of 4. He rendered his services at Vietnam at age 18 but later went home to Puerto Rico where he became part of the activism focused on turning his home country into an independent communist nation.

He was later found guilty of seditious conspiracy and many other things relating to his nationalistic activities and consequently, sentenced to 30 years in prison. During the time of his father’s sentence, Tammy Rivera was not able to get to know him which created a wide gap between them with her dad thinking that his daughter did not love him. But unknown to Oscar, his daughter couldn’t wait for her dad to be released from jail as she had plans to shower him with all the love he has been missing out on.

That day came for Tammy in 2016 when she revealed that she is in the process of familiarizing with her dad for the first time and it is amazing to know how much he loves her. Something she had already been told by her mum.

6 Facts you should know Her

Relationship with Brain Williams

It was when she just turned 19 that Tammy Rivera gave birth to her daughter Charlie on the 1st of July 2005 but the fact about her paternity was well concealed. However, it was revealed after a long while that the father of the girl is Brain Williams.

Available reports revealed that the duo was in a long relationship from when the singer was 14 till she turned 22, by which time she was already a mother to Brain’s daughter. In spite of their long relationship, it was reported to be fraught with infidelity and abuses on Brain’s side. Speculations have severally pointed to the fact that Brain is just an absentee father in his daughter’s life but his sister has denied it many times.

Life with Waka Flocka

Tammy Rivera
Tammy Rivera and her spouse Waka Flocka image source

It was over six years after the birth of her daughter that Tammy Rivera met her spouse Waka Flocka, though his given name is Juaquin James Malphurs. Flocka wasted no time in letting Tammy know that she was the woman he wished to marry, this he revealed at their very first meeting one night in Miami.

Flocka’s love and affection is not only for Tammy Rivera, he equally embraced her daughter Charlie whom he has come to regard as his own child. After a three-year-long relationship, the duo eloped to Mexico where they exchanged marriage vows on May 2014.

It would appear that life has not always been rosy for the couple as their union hit the rocks in 2016 following Flock’s multiple cases of infidelity. However, they still wished to continue with their marriage which led them to seek professional help to work out their differences.

It seems that their marriage is now firmly set on the road to faithfulness and rectitude as Flocka himself came up to say that he has really learned from the experience which has left him more mature than before. What’s more, Tammy Rivera and her spouse are already living in marital bliss as they recently renewed their marriage vows in 2019.

She founded T-Rivera swimwear line

2015 saw her launching a swimwear line known as T-Rivera, Tammy’s line is designed to take care of the needs of ladies of all sizes who are taking a fashion-forward approach. Although the pattern and design are cutting edge, it is designed to hug a woman’s curves in the right spots to further emphasize their feminine curves.

Her journey with Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta

Tammy Rivera joined her boyfriend Flocka on the set of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta in 2014. She gained massive popularity with her stint on the show and later returned in 2016 and stayed till 2017. Tammy came back again as a guest artist after a long while.

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Tammy Rivera is rather on the miniature side, sporting a height of 5 feet 1 inch which is rather short but her body weight of 123 lbs is commensurate with her height. She comes with the general body statistics of 32-25-38, her hair color is black and eyes are brown.

Salary and Net Worth

Although her annual income is not known, the famed actress and singer have a net worth of $200,000 which has the potential to grow in the nearest future.

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