The Lowdown of How Tom Jones’ Massive Worth Accrued and How His Marriage to Linda Survived His Many Affairs

His country might not be renowned for producing the world’s greatest musicians, but Tom Jones has been hoisting the Welsh flag for more than five-and-a-half decades. It has earned him tons of accolades and made him a lot of money, a net worth of $300 million to be exact.

Like every talented person who has dedicated their lives to producing their art, most of his astounding wealth has come from music or music-related endeavors. From album sales to tours to The Voice UK, these are some of the ways Tom Jones has made his massive worth.

He Has Released More Than 40 Studio Albums and Over 104 Singles

One of the driving reasons for Tom Jones’ long and successful career is just his singing or songwriting talent, but his sheer hard work. Born in Treforest, Pontypridd, in South Wales, Tom learned the importance of hard work early on at 16 after his late wife, Linda Trenchard, got pregnant with their child.

To provide, he worked in a glove factory and a construction company. Eventually, he found his way to professional music, as the lead man of the beat group, Tommy Scott and the Senators. Despite a few attempts to secure a record deal, the group did not find success, but Tom did, as a solo singer signed to Decca Records.

His second single, It’s Not Unusual, was his first hit. It reached #1 in the UK and the top ten in the US. It launched what has become a 50+ year career, with additional 102 singles released since then. Some of his most popular singles include She’s a Lady, Sex Bomb, What’s New Pussycat, Delilah, and many others. He also famously sang Thunderball for the 1965 Sean Connery James Bond film. Out of 104 singles, he has recorded 36 Top 40 Hits in the UK and 19 in the US.

Tom Jones released his first album, Along Came Jones, in May 1965. The 16-track album did not perform internationally but reached #11 in the UK Albums Chart. He has released 39 more studio albums, with hit works like Green, Green Grass of Home, Help Yourself, Delilah, Reload, and Long Lost Suitcase.

He has also released five live albums, 16 compilation albums, and 20 video albums in addition to his studio albums. Overall, Tom Jones has sold more than 100 million records worldwide. Of those, since 1991, he has sold more than 2.5 million albums in the United States alone.

This Is Tom Jones, a Variety TV Show, Made him $9 Million

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Back in the 60s and 70s, the television entertainment landscape was different, and musicians regularly had their own TV shows. Tom Jones’ This Is Tom Jones, a variety show by ATV in the UK, was one. The show ran for three seasons and produced 65 episodes.

In the US, the show aired on ABC, and it further grew his popularity and earned him additional award recognition.  He received a Golden Globe Award for Best Actor in a Television Series – Musical or Comedy in 1969. The show also earned him $9 million, equivalent to $63.8 million in 2020.

With Over 200 Shows a Year, He Made a Lot of Money from Live Performances

Most artists would tell you that musicians make the bulk of their money from live performances. Album sales can be lucrative, but record labels take a chunk out of the revenue from them. Live performances, however, usually goes to the artist and his team.

In that regard, Tom Jones has received several hundred million dollars in revenue over five decades. Since he rose to fame in 1964 with It’s Not Unusual, concerts and touring have been significant parts of his music career. He performed and still performs several hundred shows a year, with up to 200 shows as recently as the early 2010s.

Tom has gone on several world tours, US tours, and tours in the UK. He has also performed on special occasions like Concert for Diana in Wembley, the White House at the 2000 Millennium Celebrations, and Twickenham Stadium for Help for Heroes.

He Made Up to $646,000-A-Year on The Voice UK

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One other way Tom Jones made his $300 million net worth is The Voice UK, the reality singing competition series. He joined the show as a coach when it began airing in 2012. Not only did the show bring Tom back to mainstream popularity, but it also earned him a sizeable sum a season. He made a reported salary of $646,000 (£500,000) in the first four seasons.

After getting fired in the fourth season, he returned in the sixth season, albeit for a reduced salary. He has been earning a reported $193,890 (£150,000) per season from the sixth season. Overall, the show has made Tom Jones more than $3.36 million (£2.6 million) since he joined the series.

A ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ Policy Kept Tom Jones and His Wife Married for 59 Years

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Successful musicians being unfaithful to their partners is not a new occurrence. Many marriages and long-term relationships have ended over it. However, not many of them happened with tacit approval by the wife. Tom Jones and Linda Trenchard got married when they were teenagers and remained married until her death in April 2016.

Throughout their marriage, Tom Jones, particularly at the height of his fame, had a ton of affairs, up to 250 women a year by his admission. One or five affairs would end most people’s marriages. However, a Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, and borderline open marriage agreement meant his philandering had zero permanent effect.

There is also the added fact that Linda was a recluse who wanted no part in his fame or life as a musician. So, she allowed him to do whatever he wanted in his professional life. That is not to say Linda was indifferent to every single instance of infidelity.

According to Tom, after she learned of his affair with former Miss World, Marjorie Wallace, Linda assaulted and rebuked him. He admitted that he calmly accepted the harsh treatment because she was the most important thing to him and the love of his life.

Their marriage, however unconventional it was, lasted 59 years. They got married on March 2, 1957, and gave birth to their only child, Mark Woodward, who is now his father’s manager, in April. Linda passed on April 10, 2016, after a short battle with lung cancer. Tom was devastated by her death and has expressed zero intentions to remarry, claiming he will never get over the loss.

One of Tom Jones’ Affairs Resulted in a Child

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The many affairs, flings, and relationships that characterized Tom Jones’ love life include several notable women. Some of them include Mary Wilson of the Supremes, Charlotte Laws, Cassandra Peterson, and Marjorie Wallace.

However, none of them had a significant lasting impact like his affair with a model, Katherine Berkery. The two had a brief relationship during his tour of the US in October 1987, resulting in a son, Jonathan Berkery. After a protracted legal battle over the child’s paternity, along with DNA testing, there was confirmation that Jones is indeed the father.

The court made the confirmation in 1989, but Jones continued to deny his fatherhood until 2008 when he admitted the son was his. Despite the admission, he has refused to meet him and has shown zero interest in forging a relationship.

The result is a rough life for Jonathan, who goes by the name Jon Jones. He became a drug dealer and slept in his car or homeless shelters for two years. This happened after his mother threw him out of his house following a descent to drug usage.

Jon Jones has since reunited with his mother, Katherine, who is an estate agent. Although his father continues to make zero attempts to meet him, Jon still harbors hope of meeting his father someday.

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