Who Is William Katt And How Much Is He Worth Now?

The halcyon days of veteran actor, musician and voice artist William Katt may be long gone but fans still remember him for his role in the popular television series known as The Greatest American Hero and the supernatural horror movie called Carries where he breathed life into the character of Tommy Ross. Nine of Perry Mason TV series cast him alongside his mother Barbara Hale from 1985 and 1988.

The Californian born actor launched his acting profession as a teenager, often appearing with his parents, but he previously pursued a career in the music industry, eventually ending up with acting roles in both the big screen and the small screen. William Katt’s fan base has continued to increase even after the peak of his success as he continues to put in some on-screen appearances from time to time. This article x-rays, the family background of the famous entertainer, including the figures of his net worth in recent times.

Who is William Katt?

He is the son of actor Bill Williams and his wife actress Barbara Hale. William Katt was born in L.A California on the 16th of February 1951 with the given name of William Theodore Katt. He spent his growing up years in the San Fernando Valley alongside two siblings Juanita Katt born in 1953 and Jody Katt (b. 1947). William is his father’s lookalike often appearing in the movies with both parents as he commenced acting in his teenage years.

His academic record reveals that the veteran actor was a student of Army & Navy Academy located in Carlsbad, California, and later went to Orange Coast College for further qualifications.

The actor’s relationship status reads married. William Katt was the husband of Deborah Kahane whom he wedded on the 22nd of July 1979. Their union came to an end in 1992, but not before the birth of their two sons Emerson and Clayton. His is presently married to Danielle Hirsch and together, they are parents to a daughter Dakota and Hirsch’s stepson Andrew. The couple wedded on the 10th of April 1993 and has been together ever since.

William Katt
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William Katt’s acting career took-off in summer stock theatre and with time, he began to land both television and movie roles. The horror movie adaptation of the book Carrie cast him as Tommy Ross in 1976, and after a couple of years, the young William came on the set of Big Wednesday – a known drama which featured him as Barlow alongside bigwigs like Jan-Michael Vincent and Gary Busey. He was also part of the cast of Butch and Sundance: The Early Days, around the same period. William made his first romantic film appearance as Susan Dey’s love interest in First Love.

1981 saw William Katt portraying a titular role on the set of the movie adaptation of Pippin – a Broadway musical. The actor’s big break came that same year in The Greatest American Hero series depicting a mild-mannered schoolteacher and during this period, Secret Smile, his soft rock album was released.

As time rolled by, William Katt began playing leading roles as seen in Baby: Secret of the Lost Legend which was an escapade fantasy movie centered on explorers in the African mainland searching for apatosaurs. Another starring role came his way in 1986 when he joined the cast of the comic horror movie House portraying Roger Cobb which he later reprised in the 1992 third sequel of the movie titled House IV. In 1985, he started appearing as detective Paul Drake Jr. in Perry Mason TV films and stayed till 1988. The following year, William showed up in Top of the Hill.

William Katt recorded several supporting roles on both the big screen and small screen and between 2006 and 2007, he came on the films Alien vs Hunter, The Man from Earth, and Mirrors 2. In 2010, the famed actor appeared as a guest artist in a single episode of House of Payne titled Who’s Your Daddy Now?

What Is His Net Worth?

The veteran actor earned quite a lot during his heydays in Hollywood, even till the present time, the star of House still makes appearances in both the series and movies. Recent reviews pegged William Katt’s net worth at $500, 000 and though his halcyon days are long gone, the famed actor still continues to make earnings from entertainment.

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