Who Is Yeonmi Park’s Husband and Are They Still Married?

Yeonmi Park is no longer married. She was previously married to an American by the name of Ezekiel. Yeonmi and Ezekiel ended their marriage after being married for four years. During the course of their marriage, they kept things so private that their fans were surprised when Yeonmi announced the birth of their son James.

The human rights activist gained much attention in the media after her defection story from North Korea went viral. This is one of the reasons why several aspects of her life, including her marriage have been a source of discussion in the public despite all her efforts to keep things under wrap. Several of her fans are curious to know her current marital and relationship status, especially after she publicly stated about being single. Here is all we know about her marriage and separation from her American husband.

Who Was Yeonmi Park’s Ex-husband?

Yeonmi Park’s former husband was known by the name Ezekiel. Yeonmi never mentioned his family name or several important details about him. Details about his year, month, and date of birth, including his education and parents, are also unknown. Compared to his ex-wife, who was constantly in the eye of the public, Ezekiel kept a low profile.

This must have been a deliberate effort by Ezekiel and his ex-wife to distance their family life and relationship from Yeonmi’s very public work-related one. What Ezekiel does for a living is also not known.

Unlike her ex-husband, Yeonmi is a well-known North Korean defector, human rights activist, YouTuber, TED Speaker, and an international best-selling author. At 13, Yeonmi fled her homeland with her mother, crossing the partially frozen Yalu River.

According to her, a human trafficker sexually assaulted her, and the account of her harrowing experience at the One Young World Summit in Dublin in October 2014 is what brought her to the limelight. The video has over 4.3 million views on YouTube.

Yeonmi Park and Her Ex-Husband Got Married in 2017

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Ezekiel and his ex-wife were rumored to have dated for a long time before choosing to walk down the aisle. Despite keeping the relationship private, it was gathered that they were apart for most of their relationship, and things were long distance. This distance in the relationship was mostly due to Yeonmi’s absence from work. She had to travel a lot and was shuffling between America and China.

After dating for several years, they decided to make things official and married on the 4th of January 2017. They reportedly had an elaborate wedding with family and friends in attendance. After their wedding, they still chose to keep their relationship and family affairs private. There are hardly any pictures from their elaborate wedding on social media.

They remained together for more than four years before calling it quits. During their marriage, they welcomed a child together and presented a united and loving family unit to the world.

The Reason Behind Their Divorce is Not Known

After being together for more than four years and building a family, the news of the North Korean defector’s impending divorce was not expected. Moreover, considering all the efforts put into shielding their young family from media scrutiny, one would think that it would be enough to make things work. Alas! it wasn’t.

In a video titled “Let’s Talk about the Lies- North Korean Defector” that Yeonmi posted on her Youtube Channel on the 30th of January 2021, she confirmed that she was no longer married. This was a shocking revelation to her fans, who thought all was well in her marriage. Neither Yeonmi nor Ezekiel has spoken about why they decided to call it quits on their relationship and marriage.

The private nature of their marriage has also made it difficult to get information about what might have caused the former lovebirds to decide to go their separate ways. Moreover, even after a year after they supposedly called it quits. Yeonmi’s Instagram page still contained pictures of Ezekiel, which was why some of her fans thought it might be a prank or publicity stunt. However, it appears that the former couple has really gone their separate ways, as pictures of Ezekiel are no longer on Yeonmi’s social media pages, and Yeonmi has stated categorically that she is single and available to date other men.

Yeonmi Has Not Been in any Publicly Known Relationship Since her Divorce

Since the human rights activist pathed the way with her American husband, she has not been romantically linked with any other man. It is pertinent to note that Yeonmi isn’t the type to put out information about her personal life. Despite living a very public life, she is a very private person. Even though she sometimes shares information about her life, it is definitely on a need-to-know basis.

The beautiful author and human trafficking advocate has been photographed with several men since her divorce but it is difficult to ascertain if any of them is the new Yeonmi Park’s husband or boyfriend. She has chosen to concentrate more on her work where she is doing a commendable job.

On the part of Ezekiel, who used to be Yeonmi Park’s husband, it is difficult to know if he has also moved on in his love life. Ezekiel, who was thrust into the limelight due to his relationship and consequent marriage to Yeonmi, has since retreated into his shell. Nothing is known about his work and love life. If he does have a career, it is possible that he has also chosen to focus all his energy on that right now.

Yeonmi Park and Her Ex-Husband Welcomed a Child Together

According to several reports, Yeonmi welcomed a child with Ezekiel before they ended their union. About a year into their relationship, they welcomed their first and only child together. On the 8th of October 2018, which makes him 5 presently.

The beautiful Columbia University graduate announced the arrival of her son – James, on her official Twitter page. Speaking about how she overcame starvation and became a mother. Yeonmi is very protective of James and hasn’t shared any pictures of him on social media. She celebrates herself on Mother’s Day and her son for giving her the world’s greatest title-Mother.

It is also unclear who has custody of her son after her divorce from Ezekiel. From the look of things, it is possible that they have joint custody of their son.

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