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Though deceased, John Lennon is best recognized as an iconic musician and songwriter. He is one of the founders of The Beatles – a legendary rock band which also had the likes of George Harrison, Paul McCartney, and Ringo Starr as members. A native of Liverpool, England, Lennon achieved early fame in his home country and also on a global scale as his band grew to become one of the most influential as well as dominant musical groups during the rock era. The group also hold the record for being the most commercially successful. With all his fame, the man who killed John Lennon happened to be just a lunatic fan of his.

By the time The Beatles band was formed, John Lennon was already making waves in the music industry, however, the group was instrumental in catapulting him to stardom. He always harbored the dreams of becoming a successful musician since his early years though it was flawed by loads of domestic instabilities, occasioned by his parent’s marital problems and his mother’s death when he was just 17.

Through music, the young Lennon gave expression to all his painful life experiences which has entertained the public for decades. Even after the disbandment of The Beatles, he went on to record even more success as a solo artist. However, his life was cut short from four bullet shots released by a lunatic fan at the prime of his career. Read on to find out more on the identity of the man who killed John Lennon.


The legendary musician was born as John Winston Lennon in Liverpool, England on the 9th of October 1940. His dad was an Irish merchant seaman named Alfred Lennon while his mother has been identified as Julia Stanley. Julia had extramarital affairs because of the nature of her husband’s job which constantly kept him away from home. When Lennon turned five, his parents’ marriage ended in a bitter separation after it was established that Julia was expecting her lover’s child.

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John Lennon found himself living with his childless aunt and uncle named George and Mimi following his parent’s separation. However, he did not lose contact with his mother who did well in encouraging his interest in music, though Mimi was adamantly against their bond. However, he lost his mum at 17 through a car accident.

The upcoming star received his earliest education at Dovedale Primary School after which he joined Quarry Bank High School, graduating in 1957. Though he was a known imp and failed in all of his GCE O-level examinations, it was a surprise that Lennon was admitted to attend Liverpool College of Art, however, he did not last long in the school as he was soon expelled.

Who Killed John Lennon? When and Why was He Killed?

Mark David Chapman, the man who killed John Lennon, first met with him around 5.00pm on the 8th of December 1980 to get an autograph on a copy of the Double Fantasy album. Lennon did this just before he left Dakota for a recording session with his wife Yoko Ono at the Record Plant. The recording session concluded around 10:50 p.m and Lennon returned to his Manhattan apartment with Ono in a limo.

Upon his exit from the limousine, Chapman aimed a gun at his back, shooting him four times from a close range. Lennon was immediately rushed to Roosevelt Hospital in a police cruiser, however, he was confirmed dead upon arrival at the medical center around 11:00 p.m. No cogent reason was offered for the shooting.

The following day, a statement which was issued by Ono declared that there will be no funeral for the iconic singer. According to the surviving wife of John Lennon, her deceased husband loved the human race and also prayed for them. She beseeched fans to do the same for him. Lennon was not buried, rather, his body was taken to Ferncliff Cemetery located in Hartsdale, New York where his remains were cremated and the ashes were scattered all over New York’s Central Park.

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On his own part, the man who killed John Lennon was able to avoid facing a trial when he went against the advice of his lawyer and pleaded guilty to charges of murder. The murderer later got a 20-years-to-life prison sentence.

It would appear that John Lennon’s death had a positive impact on the rating of his records as fans and the general public poured out their grief. The weeks after his demise, Double Fantasy and (Just Like) Starting Over, made the top list in both the United States and the United Kingdom. The outpouring of grief still affected other records like Imagine which went on to hit #1 in Britain in January 1981 with Happy Xmas following closely behind at #2. Also hitting number one in the UK that same year was Jealous Guy which cover version was released by Roxy Music as a tribute to the deceased celebrity.

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