Who Were The Bap Members? Why Did They Disband and What are They Doing Now? 

Bap is one k-pop group that will be sorely missed. The six-man band debuted with the hit single, Warrior, in 2012. They went on to drop several chart-topping albums and also won many awards, in the course of their 7-year run. Bap sadly disbanded in early 2019. So, what caused the demise of such a prolific group? Who were the members of Bap and what are they up to right now? All these and more posers are answered below.

Why Did The Group Disband?

The continued existence of Bap was first threatened when the band members filed a lawsuit against their label, TS Entertainment, in 2014. In the suit, the six members appealed to the court to free them from the slavish contracts they signed with TS entertainment prior to their debut in March 2011. The idols alleged that the seven-year exclusive contract was unreasonably long. They also complained about the violation of privacy, exploitation of basic rights as well as the unjust distribution of the profits of their work.

The boys claimed that they had earned about $9 million in revenue but were only paid a paltry $18,000. Following the suit, TS Entertainment released a statement refuting all the accusations. They stated that there was no maltreatment of the artists or unfair clauses in the contract.

The court matter lasted from November 2014 to August 2015 during which the band embarked on a hiatus. They subsequently settled with their company and made a comeback in November 2015 with the EP, Young, Wild & Free. Bap forged on with their musical career until 2018 when the contract of two members, Yongguk and Zelo, expired. The duo chose not to renew their contracts but rather went solo. The four remaining members also took a similar decision after the expiration of their contracts in February 2019. It is therefore fair to conclude that the boys never really accepted the contract that they had with TS Entertainment. They thus decided to leave once the deal naturally expired.

Who Were the Bap Members and What Are They Up To Now?

Bap originally comprised of six members namely Yongguk, Himchan, Daehyun, Youngjae, Jongup, and Zelo.


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was the lead rapper and overall leader of the defunct band. He was born on the 31st of March 1990 in Incheon, South Korea. He initially gained viral attention as an underground artist. The rapper later joined TS Entertainment as a trainee, and eventually found his way to fame with Bap. Since the disbandment, Yongguk has pursued a budding solo career. He has performed solo concerts in some European cities. He also dropped his eponymous debut solo album in March 2019. Yongguk has also been forthcoming with his mental health issues, and this has endeared him to fans.


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He was the main vocalist of Bap and was born on the 28th of June 1993 in Gwangju. He aspired to become a singer as a child and subsequently trained at various music schools. He later auditioned with TS entertainment and was accepted as a Bap member. Since the end of the group, Daehyun has pursued a solo career. He is signed to STX Lionheart and has dropped his debut single album titled Aight. He has also landed a part in the musical, Grease.


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Youngjae was the lead vocalist of Bap. He was born on the 24th of January 1994 in Seoul, South Korea. He initially aspired to become a pro gamer but later caught the music bug, and enrolled for music lessons. Youngjae subsequently auditioned at several agencies and was signed by TS entertainment. Since his Bap days came to an end, Youngjae has signed a deal with DMost Entertainment. He has dropped two mini-albums, namely Fancy and O. He has also featured in several films including 9.9 Billion Won Woman.


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Zelo was the lead rapper as well as lead dancer of Bap. He was born on the 15th of October 1996 and initially aspired to become a soccer player. He later fell into music and eventually made his way to Bap. Following the group’s disbandment, Zelo signed on with A Entertainment. He dropped his debut solo EP, Distance, and his debut solo single, Question, in June 2019.

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Himchan was a rapper and subvocal of Bap. He was born on the 19th of April 1990. He studied at the National School of Traditional Music and plays several Korean instruments. The rapper also plays several conventional instruments including the guitar and piano. Himchan is yet to commence a solo career as he is facing some legal troubles. A lady accused him of sexual assault, and he was charged to court in 2018. The rapper, however, maintains his innocence and states that their entanglement was consensual.


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Jongup was the main dancer and lead vocalist of Bap. He studied at Hanlim Arts High School and trained with TS entertainment for a year and half. Jongup is yet to kick-start his solo career. He, however, auditioned for the AOMG talent show, Signhere, in August 2019. The show seeks to find a new artist who would lead AOMG’s next generation of stars.

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