Why Did Sthembiso Khoza Divorce His Wife and Is Pabee Moganedi Really His Girlfriend?

Sthembiso Khoza is an actor and television host who is notoriously known for his scandals and relationship drama. Khoza is more likely to be in the news for an interesting event in his life rather than his career achievements. This has caused him some financial losses as one of the issues he had in his personal life led to his firing from the telenovela, The Queen. This has, however, not affected his celebrity status. If anything, it has endeared him to more people.

Right before his divorce from his wife, Khoza was embroiled in a high-profile scandal that featured a love triangle between his wife and the woman he would go on to date afterward. There have been speculations on why he divorced his wife with people saying that the divorce only happened because of the other woman who came into his life.

Possible Reasons Why Sthembiso Khoza Parted With His Wife

Sthembiso Khoza has been involved in a number of romantic relationships over the years. Before his separation from his wife, he was already known to be dating Pabee Moganedi, who like him also works in the film industry. The two went on a secret vacation together that only came to the public’s notice because of the pictures that both parties put up. There have been rumors that Khoza’s wife was fully aware of his meandering and only warned him to be safe and not catch any STDs.

As expected, the duo received backlash for their actions, particularly Pabee. The actress opened up on how much the backlash she faced was hurtful and how it also affected her career as she was getting blacklisted by a number of people in the industry. Pabee further stated that she and Sthembiso were able to get through it because they had chosen each other.

How Sthembiso’s Relationship with Pabee Moganedi Started

The interview Pabee gave on her relationship with Sthembiso Khoza was an extensive one as she gave an in-depth explanation of the relationship that exists between them. Not only did she discuss the scandal that has followed with her dating him, but she also revealed how the two came to be sweethearts.

According to her, their first meeting was a random one where they both bumped into each other at work. They would then see each other at promotional events and would just say hello. It was not until they had to be each other’s date at the same event that they truly became friends. Pabee and Sthembiso instantly hit it off even after long periods of working together and seeing each other often in the workplace. For her, Sthembiso was a man with a big heart that was just full of love.

The two appeared to have a very healthy relationship that was full of love and respect for one another. Khoza has credited her with being a great support and source of encouragement to him when he is unable to achieve some of the things he sets out to do. He revealed this in an Instagram post he made in honor of Pabee.

When their relationship started it became fodder for news channels with a number of people intrigued by the triangle that was going on between Sthembiso Khoza, Pebee, and his wife. While this was hard for Pebee to handle, she and her man were able to navigate this and come out at the end as a happy couple.

The two never stated their plans for their future, they just seemed content and happy to be enjoying the time they had together. Well, it’s all over now as Khoza has clearly moved on although what necessitated their separation remains unknown.

Why Sthembiso Khoza Opted To Keep His Marriage Private

In an untypical fashion, Sthembiso Khoza is one of those few South African celebrities who has managed to keep certain parts of his life hidden away from the public. This is particularly interesting as the actor has been part of a number of public events that have defined him as a bad boy in the South African entertainment scene, ranging from the leak of videos from a nude house party to an alimony court case.

The woman Khoza was married to is one major thing in his life that he has kept a secret. His wife’s identity remained unknown throughout the events of the scandal and the love triangle that ensued.

The reason for this decision remains unknown even though the marriage produced his first daughter. This daughter is not Khoza’s only child as he has two more children; a son and a daughter, with another woman named Lee-Anne Makopo. Lee-Anne Makopo had famously taken the father of her kids to the Johannesburg Family Court over unpaid child support bills. He had defaulted on his payments for months and this was causing issues between him and the mother of his children. Regardless, Sthembiso Khoza is very protective of all of his children.

Is Sthembiso Khoza Currently Married?

As a result of the secretive nature of his personal life, when Sthembiso Khoza got married and how long he was married for, is unknown. There is also not a lot of detail available on the marriage either. However, his ex-wife is not the only woman that he has tried to have a very serious relationship. It is speculated that he had previously been engaged to Morna Phatudi who is also a South African entertainer. Their relationship just like the one he had with his wife was also private, and as a result, the details of the time they spent together are difficult to get.

In 2020, however, Khoza got engaged to Mandy Hlongwane, who unlike all the other women that have been in his life, is not an entertainer. Instead, she works in medicine as a dentist. The proposal took place on the same place where they had often shown that they loved each other, Instagram.

The actor was on Instagram Live thanking his fans for their support and for giving him a chance to be part of the nomination list for the Best Male Actor Award in the KZN Entertainment awards. As he was doing this, someone in the comment section asked him to pop the question and he did.

This did not come as much of a surprise to many people as the two have been publicly displaying their affection for one another on the social media platform. Mandy was notably by the actor’s side when he was hospitalized. But while they seem to be truly in love, the two have not yet gotten married.

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