Wildlife Versus Development In Pictures- Nick Brandt

In an exceptionally striking art form, Nick Brandt, brings to life the “harsh effects of human development” in ‘supposed’ animal-friendly places in Africa.

Civilization has been misconceived by so many and for so long. In pursuit of what the western world has, we have traded our free gifts of nature for exotic structures, buildings and technological amazement.

Ignorantly we deplete our vegetation and natural resources all in the name of ‘civilization and development’. How did we ever forget that those precious natural wealth serve as habitats for Africa’s magnificent animals? The animals that made us famous and dragged and still drags attention to the continent.

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If we look at it on the other side, we trade them for money. It is a glaring fact that money seems to be the focal point of the developing world. If it’s not going to give a heavy pocket, then it is perhaps not worth it. We tend to forget that there are some things that money cannot and will never buy. Such things as the fast depleting species in Africa’s animal Kingdom. These days you hear about drastic measures unleashed on such wildlife animals as the lions. If they are not killed in trophy hunting, they are even shot by wildlife managements due to ‘lack of means’ to provide adequately for them.

The destruction of these animals, of these African places, is not happening in the past where we grew up, but in our own immediate present… Keep going at this pace, and the unique megafauna of Africa will be rapidly gone the way of the megafauna of America and Europe, which was wiped out by far fewer men many centuries ago.” – Nick Brandt.

And we wonder why there’s a going green revolution around the world? It will be wise if we see our freely given natural treasures for the priceless wealth that they are.

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To paint a visible picture of what the ‘developed’ environment lacks, Nick Brandt, a renowned wildlife photographer in his latest Inherit the Dust project, made super-enlarged pictorial displays of animal portraits. The gigantic pictures were conspicuously exhibited in areas which would have naturally been their habitat.

Quarry-With-Lion- Nick Brandt

Nick Brandt-Inherit-The-Dust

Alleyway-With-Chimpazee- Nick Brandt

Nick Brandt1

Nick Brandt2

Nick Brandt3

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Nick Brandt4