Who Are The Members Of Winner (Band) And What Do We Know About Them?

Winner is a South Korean boy band created through a reality survival program called WIN: WHO IS NEXT in 2013 by the South Korean entertainment company, YG Entertainment. They debuted as a five-member band on 17th August 2014 with the release of their ten-track studio album titled, ‘2014 S/S’. Following the departure of one Winner member, Taehyung due to health challenges on 25th November 2016, they are currently a four-member boy band. Their quartet line-up consists of Seungyoon, Jinwoo, Seunghoon, and Mino. Continue reading as we bring you all the information about Winner members and what we know about them.

The Winner Members’ Profile


Winner members
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Seungyoon who is professionally known as Yoon is a South Korean singer, songwriter, dancer, record producer, and actor. He is popularly known as the leader, main songster and youngest Winner member. He was born as Kang Seungyoon on 21st January 1994 in Busan, South Korea as the only child of his parents. Yoon mastered how to play the guitar while in eighth grade and went on to take classes in both billiards and classic guitar during his last year of junior high.

As for his academics, he is a graduate of Busan High School of Arts where he majored in classical guitar. He debuted as a soloist on 16th July 2013 with the single, ‘It Rains’. The single was an all-kill as it clinched No. 1 spot on all nine major real-time charts in Korea. His song production credits include ‘I’ll Write You A Letter’, ‘Love Is A lie’, ‘Two of Us’, ‘Today’, and ‘We Broke Up’. His reality shows and TV drama credits include High Kick 3, We Broke Up, Superstar K2, Flower Crew, and The Collaboration.


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Jinwoo is the stage name of the South Korean singer and actor, Kim Jin-woo who is well known as a songster and visual of the boy band, Winner. He was born on 26th September 1991 in Imjado, Sinan County, South Jeolla, South Korea. His father is a TV personality as a result of his occupation (captain of a fishing boat) and has appeared on multiple occasions on TV. Jinwoo became a YG Entertainment trainee in August 2010 after being scouted by Seungri of Big Bang.

He attended Joy Dance Academy and made his debut as a soloist on 14th August 2019 with the album, ‘Jinu’s Heyday’. Notably, the album’s lead single, ‘Call Anytime’ featured his bandmate, Mino. As an actor, the Winner member has featured in many variety shows, TV and stage productions including Wizard of Nowhere, Magic Cellphone, Love For a Thousand More, and The Little Prince.


Winner members
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Seunghoon, who is also professionally known as Hoony, is a South Korean rapper, singer, songwriter, and choreographer. Lee Seung-hoon serves as the dancer, lead rapper and songster of the band, Winner. He was born on 11th January 1992 in Busan, South Korea. Following his graduation from high school, Seunghoon relocated to Seoul and auditioned for Korea’s Got Talent as a member of the dance group, ‘Honest Boys’.

He contested in the south Korean reality music TV competition, K-Pop Star and finished fourth overall in the 7th Round on 15th April 2012 and went on to feature with other finalists on the 8th May episode of Strong Heart. Other TV programs the Winner member has featured in include Eat Sleep Eat in Krabi, Law of the Jungle Mexico, and Dancing High.


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Mino is the professional name of the South Korean rapper, singer, songwriter, and producer, Song Min-ho who serves as the rapper, songster, and Face of the boy band, Winner. Born on 30th March 1993 in Yongin, South Korea, he is a graduate of Hanlim Multi Art School and was a member of the underground rapping scene under the stage name, Hugeboy Mino or Mino.

He first debuted as a rapper in the ballad boy band, BoM under Y2Y Contents Company in 2011 but later disbanded in 2013. Mino debuted as a soloist with the release of his first studio album titled, ‘XX’ along with its lead single, ‘Fiancé’ in November 2018. His variety show and TV production credits include Show Me the Money 4, New Journey to the West, and The Strongest K-Pop Survival.

What Do We Know About Them?

1. All  Winner members participate in composing, writing, and choreographing of the majority of their songs.

2. Their great impact in the South Korean music industry is quite remarkable as they serve as role models for many K-Pop artists including Tag and Joochan of Golden Child, Dong-hun of A.C.E group, and former JBJ member, Jin Longguo.

3. The group’s modeling campaigns for many A-List brands like Adidas, Fanta of Coca-Cola company, Ellesse, and Elite Uniform attained huge commercial successes.

4. Their charitable gestures are innumerable as they have rendered their support to many humanitarian organizations including Good Neighbors, and People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA).

5. Winner members are ambassadors of Korea Brand & Entertainment EXPO by KOTRA (2016/2019), Korea Culture and Information Service (KOCIS) 2018, and Paradise City Brand/PR Ambassador (2018).

6. They have won more than 15 accolades including Melon Music Awards, Golden Disc Awards, QQ Music Awards, and Mnet Asia Music Awards, among others.


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