Who Stole Winnie Mandela’s R83 000 Birthday Cash Gift?

Popularly called the Mother of the Nation, Winnie Mandela turned 80 on September 26.

Winnie Madikizela-Mandela celebrated her new age with a bash, looking all gorgeous and beautiful. The birthday bash which took place at Emperor’s Palace, Kempton Park, was attended by South African top dignitaries.

The occasion fetched the celebrant as much as R83,000 (about $6ooo) in cash.

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Although she was divorced from the renowned Mandela in 1997, she remains the mother of South Africans.

Regardless of the controversies of her personality, the former wife of Madiba, Winnie Mandela fought the great fight for/with her ex-husband and the nation. For that, she is still respected by many.

After the Monday classy celebration, Winnie Mandela made a police report of Thursday that her birthday cash gift (R83,000) had been stolen.

She made the report and filed a case for it at the Orlando East police station, in Soweto. The police said aside from her report of the supposed cash theft, they had no other details about the case.

In a News24 report, it is believed that Winnie Mandela had noticed the loss of her birthday gift money when she wanted to get money for her bread. She took out her bag from the wardrobe, only to realise that the money was not there anymore.

The loss of Winnie’s money may or may not be a big deal. The amazon has endured way bigger situations.

For being as anti-apartheid as the then husband she was greatly victimised and tortured in her youth; exiled and arbitrarily detained more often than not.

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Against all odds, she organised and led her anti-oppression campaigns as politically loud as she could. Currently, she is a top member of South Africa’s ANC party.

Her political presence in South Africa is undeniable. During her birthday bash, Winnie Mandela shared her intentions of launching a campaign for the widows and orphans of the 2015 Marikana massacre. She says this will be after her recovery from her back surgery.

Meanwhile, Mama Winnie’s R83,000 is still missing by an unknown thief.