Wisteriamoon – All You Need To Know About The YouTuber

Although very young, Wisteriamoon is probably one of the most popular Animal Jam gamers among many contending YouTubers. She is popular for being a YouTuber who uploads video games that center on Animal Jam, Play Wild, Transformice, Roblox, Tunnel Town, and Star Stable among others. She created her channel in 2013 after which she made her first video – AJMV of the Imagine Dragons’ song titled ‘Demons’.

Although her first, the video intrigued her viewers and a lot more videos have followed afterward. Some of her very popular videos include: Brave – Animal Jam Short Film, I sold 1,000 Animal Jam Items, The New Animal Jam Camel Has a Problem, and I Got the Legendary Eagle in Animal Jam among others. For her works, the YouTuber has earned applaudable recognitions, numerous video views, as well as subscribers that increase as time passes.

Even with her being a student and having a life outside YouTube, Wisteriamoon works hard to upload videos daily. She is quite known for the energy, zeal, and effort she puts in her work through her videos. Although she is popularly known for her content on her Wisteriamoon YouTube channel, she has two other different accounts titled Kutos and Melv which she previously used in a video termed Stalking People on Animal Jam.

Wisteriamoon’s Background And Age

In the United States, WistermariaMoon was born and named Mia on July 1, 1998. As to her educational and family members, not much is known. Though while gaining her formal education, she ventured into uploading videos on YouTube. Her uploads are majorly on games and are known for being child-friendly.

Basically, WisteriaMoon has separated her private life from the public. Thus very little is known about the social media sensation. Be that as it may, we were able to gather some interesting facts about the YouTuber.

Facts/All You Need To Know About The YouTuber


In 2013, Wisteriamoon opened a YouTube Channel and started to upload videos on it for fun. However, she got a good number of views and suggestions to post more contents like that. She heeded to the advice and began her journey to becoming a YouTuber who basically uploaded Videos of tutorials and Animal Jam.

She has a wide range of viewers since her contents are kid-friendly and can be enjoyed by people of different ages. Wisteriamoon uploaded videos that include: Animal Jam: Horse Coins Gone Forever, and Animal Jam App: Play Wild Beta.

Upon her getting views and getting a spot in the gamer’s world, she started to collaborate with other gamers like Julian2, Aparri and a host of others.

Following her many years in Animal Jam gaming and a setback on her views, Mia decided to start a new channel which unlike WistermariaMoon focuses on her everyday life. The channel WisteriaLife started in 2018 and has attracted a good number of subscribers. WisteriaMoon also has a merchandise store, Animal Jam Art.

Net Worth

WistermariaMoon is known to get her earnings from YouTube. However, it is not known if the YouTuber has other sources of income. Her net worth has been under review since 2018. However, a number of sources have estimated her worth as 100,000 – 1million US dollars.

Relationship Status

There have been rumors about WisteriaMoon’s relationship life. Rumors were widespread that she was dating her best friend Aparri. However, words have spread that she was dating their mutual friend and fellow Animal Jammer, Julian2. Even with the rumors, WisterriaMoon has not accepted or debunked any of the news and even if they were dating, there is currently no known facts as to whether or not they are still together.

Height and Body Measurements

Following her countless pictures as seen on social media, it is quite obvious that WistermariaMoon has a good physique. However, it is difficult to say her exact height weight and other, body measurements as there is no known record about that.

Other Quick Facts About Wisteriamoon

  • WisteriaMoon has collaborated with other Animal Jammers. Amongst them are her best friends Julian2 and Aparri.
  • She has more than a million YouTube views and 305 thousand subscribers and is still counting.
  • Reports have it that WisterriaMoon attends a regular school and juggles between doing several school works, uploading videos and handling her other social media accounts.
  • Although her family members are not quite known to the public, there have been several reports about that they are in total support of Wisteriamoon.
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