WJSN (Cosmic Girls) Updated Members Profile and Everything To Know About Them

WJSN also popularly known as Cosmic Girls is a thirteen-member South Korean-Chinese girl band created by a South Korean entertainment company, Starship Entertainment and a Beijing-based multinational entertainment group and talent agency, Yuehua Entertainment. WJSN stands for the initials of the sub-units in Cosmic Girls which are; Wonder unit, Joy unit, Sweet unit, and Natural unit. The lineup of the group consists of EXY, Cheng Xiao, Bona, Dayoung, Yeoreum, Eunseo, Xuan Yi, SeoLA, Soobin, Mei Qi, Luda, Yeonjung, and Dawon. They released their first mini-album, ‘Would You Like Me?‘ on 25th February 2016.

After recording outstanding successes together as a group, WJSN dropped their sixth mini-album, ‘WJ Stay‘ on 8th January 2019 without three of their Chinese counterparts which consisted of Cheng Xiao, Mei Qi, and Xuan Yi due to their engagements in China. So the updated WJSN lineups are the same without the aforementioned Chinese trio. For the updated profile details of WJSN, scroll further.

WJSN Updated Members Profile


EXY (image source)

EXY is the professional name of the South Korean singer, rapper, and actress, Chu So-jung who is the leader of the girl band, WJSN and a member of its Sweet unit. She was born on 6th November 1995 in Busan, South Korea. She is also an actress who has appeared in the 2015 Web series, Flatterer as Se-rim.


Bona (image source)

Bona is the stage name of WJSN’s songster, Kim Ji-yeon who is a fellow of its Wonder unit. The talented singer was born on 19th August 1995 in Daegu, South Korea. She is also an actress who has made appearances in many TV series and Variety shows including Girls’ Generation 1979, Your House Helper, and Law of the Jungle in the Northern Mariana Islands.


Dayoung (image source)

Dayoung is the professional name of the WJSN’s lead singer, Im Da-young who is under its Wonder unit. Born on 14th May 1999 in Jeju, South Korea, Dayoung has featured in many movies and Variety shows which includes Like a French Film, Running Man, and Water Girls.


Yeoreum (image source)

Yeoreum is the stage name of Cosmic Girls’ songster and rapper, Lee Jin-sook who is under its Joy unit. She was born on 10th January 1999 in Seoul, South Korea. Apart from being a singer, she is also a certified scuba diver.

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Eunseo (image source)

Eunseo is the professional name of the South Korean singer, Son Ju-yeon who is a songster and dancer of the girl group, WJSN under its Joy unit. Born on 27th May 1998 in Incheon, South Korea, Eunseo is also a multi-instrumentalist as she can play piano, guitar, drums, and tambourine very well.


SeoLA (image source)

SeoLA is the professional name of the WJSN’s singer, Kim Hyun-jung who is under its Sweet unit and the oldest member of the group. She was born on 24th December 1994 in Seoul, South Korea and has done a photoshoot for Oh Boy! Magazine.

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Soobin (image source)

Soobin is the stage name of the South Korean singer, Park Soo-bin who is the songster of the girl band, WJSN under its Sweet unit. Born on 14th July 1996 in Seoul, South Korea, Soobin can play the piano, violin, flute, and guitar very well.


Luda (image source)

Luda is the professional name of WJSN songster, Lee Lu-da who is under its Natural unit. She was born on 6th February 1997 in Seoul, South Korea.


Dawon (image source)

Dawon is the professional name of the WJSN songster, Nam Da-won who is under its Natural unit. She was born on 16th April 1997 in Seoul, South Korea and can plays the piano, and guitar.


Yeojung (image source)

Yeonjung is the stage name of the South Korean singer, Yoo Yeon-jung who is popularly known as a member and maknae (youngest member) of the girl band, WJSN under its Natural unit. Prior to joining WJSN, she was a former member of the South Korean girl group, I. O. I (Ideal of Idol) formed by CJ E&M through the reality show, Produce IOI. She was born on 3rd August 1999 in Gwangmyung, South Korea and has appeared as Lee Da-in in an episode of the 2017 TV show, A Korean Odyssey.

Other Facts About WJSN

– Album

WJSN released their special album, ‘For the Summer‘ with the single ‘Boogie Up‘ on 4th June 2019 with the album peaking at No. 1 on Gaon Album Chart and its single is at No. 60 on K-Pop Hot 100. The album is promoted by the current ten-members without their three Chinese counterparts.

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– Awards and Achievements

WJSN has won many accolades including Asia Artist Awards (AAA), Genie Music Awards, Korean Entertainment Arts Awards, Seoul Music Awards (SMA), Seoul Success Awards, Soribada Best K-Music Awards (SOBA), StarHub Night of Stars Award, and V Live Awards.

– Reality Show Appearances

WJSN has appeared in many reality shows including Would You Like Girls (My Cosmic Diary), Living Together in Empty Room, and Watch WJSN Show.

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