World’s Largest Airplane Makes Interesting Trips Across 3 Continents

The world’s largest airplane, Antonov An-225 Mriya just made a historical journey from Central Europe to the Australian Outback.

The King of the sky was on a mission to transport a 117 tonne power generator to Perth in Australia.

The aircraft was designed and built in Ukraine in the 1980s. It was used for Soviet missions. On Tuesday, the 600 tonne aircraft took off from Gostomel airport in Ukraine. It is reported that the flying giant made several stops at the Middle East and Asia to refuel.

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Antonov An-225 Mriya is the longest and the heaviest airplane the world has ever seen. It is so historical that it attracts a great number of crowd where ever it lands.

The aircraft popularly known as the King of the sky has 2 tails which helps it to carry heavy loads. It is powered by 6 turbofan engines. The plane is 84m-long; weighs 175 tonnes without cargo or fuel and has a landing wheel of 32 wheels.


At about 11.50 am on Sunday, the world’s largest airplane landed in Perth. Awaiting the arrival of this airplane were about 20, 000 curious people. Despite the 2 hours delay, they anxiously anticipated its landing. The excitement increased as the pilot flew the Ukrainian flag from the window.

“It’s a political statement about Ukraine’s fight for independence from Russia,” – Anna Maria Harrison, Plane Enthusiast


The King of the Sky received the water canon usually used for special occasions in aviation. The gigantic aircraft is specifically used to transport hefty cargo around the world. Anton 225 can carry as much as 200 tonnes of cargo. A Perth plane lover described the aircraft as “a five-storey plane flying through the air.”

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The likes of Robyn Phulger, took the day off from work to see the historical world wonder. This will be the first time the plane will be landing in Australia. Thus many came out to see for the first time ever, the world’s largest plane.

“It is the first time it’s come to Australia, so it’s a big event for all aviation enthusiasts around Australia,” -Mr Eyre, Aviation WA

Going further on , the aviation personnel says the world’s largest airplane has carried pretty heavy things in history- from the transportation of 4 Russian military tanks which weighed about 253 tonnes to humanitarian missions all around the world.

From Perth, the “monster” will take off on another assignment to Germany. We hope the historical masterpiece will add Africa to the list someday.

World's Largest Airplane