One More Reason Not To Be A Lawyer In China

Wu Liangshu is a qualified Chinese lawyer who was allegedly assaulted by 3 officers inside a courtroom.

Which is worse? That the ugly incident took place in front of 2 judges or that Wu’s request to file a case on the sad development was rejected in the district court of Nanning.

It appears this is just one out of many assaults meted out to Chinese Lawyers. More often than not they are totally humiliated and harassed by people they should be working with in the first place. Worst case scenario, they are arrested and imprisoned.

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In front of the Qingxiu District Court, Wu Liangshu is pictured in tattered clothes exposing his leg and underwear. Unbelievably, Wu Liangshu is a Chinese lawyer who recently experienced what he considers the height of humiliation as a certified barrister.

He didn’t leave his home looking like this. On the contrary the police officers at the court house reduced his suit to complete rags.

Wu Liangshu

According to the law expert, he has never witnessed an odd and raw treatment in his career till his trousers were ripped off him.

“I wasn’t shocked. I have heard plenty of weird and violent stories of things happening to lawyers in China but I didn’t expect it to happen to me”. – Wu Liangshu

So does it mean that China does not in the least bit appreciate their lawyers? What are they doing about this embarrassing anomaly in the legal system?

The court denied him the legal right to file a case against the assault. Instead they offered him a new set of clothes which he staunchly but tactically rejected.

Defiantly Wu Liangshu planted himself in front of the court house. Just like wild fire, his pictures attracted a wide range of attention.

About one thousand Chinese lawyers have reportedly signed a statement condemning the attack. They demand for the release of the CCTV footage from the courtroom to get the true story. The head of the All China Lawyers’ Association has frowned at the case and finds it  “distressing”.

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According to the police officials, Wu Liangshu was accused of illegally recording court officials with is mobile phone. When asked for the phone, Wu refused to hand it in.

Investigations confirm that while Wu was not beaten by the officials, they employed  “abusive coercive means” to obtain the phone.

BBC mentions a spotted mischief on the part of the Chinese government. The comments on social media and websites that reported the event have been censored to now contain only negative comments that mocked the lawyer.