Xenophobic Attacks In Gauteng Cause Social Media Upset

Xenophobic fears are once again rampant in South Africa, as some Zimbabweans have been feared dead and allegedly killed by some Xenophobic South Africans.

According to reports circulating on social media, the Gauteng province has witnessed the death of some seven Zimbabweans.

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Names of some of the victims reported being John Magodo, Thomas Muganhu, Ku Mazviro, Luis Ponai, Dudzai Mvari, Sesel Vhari and Dembe Lloyd. It was reported that Dembe Lloyd was shot dead while trying to escape.

ZimEye, however, stated that the allegations were false and the names of the alleged victims circulating on social media were yet to be confirmed.

SA opposition party, the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) also rejected the claims of a xenophobic attack, tagging it as being “fake”.

This comes after a message reportedly from EFF circulated social media, announcing that foreign nationals in South Africa should be driven out of the country. The message also claimed that there would be a demonstration on February 24 against the foreign nationals living in South Africa. In usual xenophobic fashion, they accused these foreigners, particularly Pakistanis, Nigerians, Zimbabweans of taking their jobs.

EFF spokesperson stated that these claims were untrue. “The statement calls for the ostracism of foreign nationals is not only fake but it contradicts everything EFF stands for,

“The EFF believes that the City of Johannesburg belongs to all Africans, as does the whole of South Africa.” The EFF called on its members and the entire society to be careful of fake accounts and fake news.

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“Both Twitter and Facebook accounts of the EFF have been authenticated. EFF statements are therefore released to the public through these outlets together with the official EFF website,” the EFF said.