A Look at Yasmin Vossoughian’s Remarkable Rise To Prominence and Fun Facts About Her Husband

A passionate journalist who loves informing and educating citizens on a wide range of issues, Yasmin Vossoughian has gradually wormed her way into the hearts of many. More so, having gathered experience from different media houses over the years, Vossoughian has undoubtedly established herself as a household name in the media.

The New York native hit the ground running as she started working when she was still in her teens. Thanks to journalism, Yasmin has visited many countries of the world. The seasoned reporter’s hard work in the media has not gone unnoticed as she has been rewarded with quite a few awards and accolades. The purveyor is still relevant in the scheme of things and is currently employed at MSNBC where she has served in several capacities.

As A Graduate Yasmin Vossoughian Landed her First Job With E! TV

It was after Yasmin Vossoughian graduated from Occidental College, Los Angeles, California where she studied economics and history that she commenced her professional career. Before then, the burgeoning newscaster had an earlier experience working as a teenager. She accomplished her internship under Benjamin Gilman on Capitol Hill.

Yasmin’s first job as a graduate was as a production assistant for E! TV but she later made a switch to Style Network where she functioned as a producer. A good part of her days at Style Network was spent covering entertainment, holding interview sessions with an exhaustive list of top celebrities; among the actors she interviewed are Robin Williams, Tom Cruise, Susan Sarandon, Salma Hayek, and many others.

During Yasmin’s days at the media outfit, events like the 9/11 World Trade Center attack in New York City-inspired a change in direction for the passionate journalist. She reportedly went ahead to take coverage of the aftermath of the attacks and was also on hand to cover the race for the post of New York City mayor for a German-based online station known as DTV.

She Won Her First Journalism Award At Current TV

After working for DTV, she landed the position of a correspondent at Current TV. Yasmin Vossoughian’s time at Current TV was quite challenging because it wasn’t long before she took up a particularly tough and dangerous assignment which helped in proving her journalism chops.

The American journalist travelled down to Teheran, Iran alone in a bid to make a documentary on the underground youth culture of the city. There, she had to work unassisted as a one-woman army, handling every aspect of the job from reporting to shooting to editing and finally presenting the documentary; this exceptional feat was what earned her the CINE Golden Eagle Award in 2006. The outstanding feature also earned her critical acclaim.

Vossoughian also took coverage of stories from countries as diverse as France, Afghanistan, Ghana, Liberia, as well as Senegal. Undoubtedly, the dedicated correspondent has proved to the world that she would go all out to get her stories and send the unvarnished truth across to her viewers.

Yasmin Vossoughian made a stop at AOL where she was engaged as a producer cum host for entertainment programs and live news. She later landed a job with a cable and satellite TV news channel – Headline News (HLN). HLN is an American cable and satellite television news channel owned by CNN. Originally, it was branded as CNN2 but later, the name was changed to CNN Headline News. Vossoughian joined the CNN affiliate network in May 2014.

She Joined MSNBC From HLN

The fearless reporter stayed three years with HLN before landing her current position at MSNBC. She has served in various capacities with the network including co-hosting the American morning news program called Morning Joe First Look show (formerly referred to as called First Look) on weekdays and producing the Up With David Gura program.

The experienced broadcaster has been described as a courageous journalist who works relentlessly to get the news across to viewers around the globe. From what is perceivable, the New Yorker doesn’t seem to pay heed to the dangers of her profession in discharging her duties. People who watch Vossoughian on TV have seen her passion for collecting, analyzing, and communicating the most urgent news as they break.

Vossoughian has taken coverage of all manners of burning issues, ranging from Hollywood and terrorism to war and youth culture. The scope of her news coverage also includes reporting elections in the United States. Consequently, she has earned a reputation as one of the most highly regarded correspondents in journalism.

Yasmin Vossoughian has travelled around the globe, held various positions, grown through the ranks, and also gained a vast experience in the field while working with the aforementioned networks. She has greatly leveraged her fluency in three languages namely English, French, and Persian in her navigation around the globe covering issues like the victims of malaria and HIV/AIDS in the African continent and water filtration plus environmental protection in Singapore. In October 2012, she covered the after-effects of Hurricane Sandy on the coast of Northeastern America and had prominent politicians like Madeleine Albright in Qatar and Newt Gingrich in Washington on interview sessions.

Yasmin Vossoughian Has Recorded Equal Success At The Home Front 

Yasmin Vossoughian and Whittaker Lindsay Clifford
Yasmin Vossoughian and Whittaker Lindsay Clifford
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Both professionally and personally, Yasmin Vossoughian can easily be regarded as a successful woman. She is happily married to her heartthrob Whittaker Lindsay Clifford. Details of the couple’s romance from the outset are unknown, but it is common knowledge that they dated for a long time before tying the knot in June 2016. The lovebirds chose Ireland for their honeymoon, and speculations were running rife at their wedding that Vossoughian was already pregnant because onlookers spotted what they presumed to be a baby bump!

The speculations were confirmed when the family-oriented couple welcomed their first child barely four months after their nuptials. Their first son Azur Vossoughian Clifford was welcomed on October 15, 2016, and he soon became a brother to Noor Ahad Clifford who joined the family on August 8, 2018. The journalist went back to work after spending 16 weeks on maternity leave.

Yasmin’s husband Whittaker Lindsay Clifford Runs Clifford Associates Inc.

Yasmin’s husband Whittaker is also presumed to be doing well for himself in his chosen profession. He is currently employed in a family-owned business called Clifford Associates Inc where he is at the helm of affairs.

Of the two, Yasmin Vossoughian is more popular, thanks to the nature of her profession as a journalist, consequently, very little is known publicly about her spouse; his name only rings a bell when mentioned alongside his wife’s.

So far, Yasmin and Whittaker are presumed to have found true love in each other’s arms and living their best lives yet. The couple continues to wax stronger together with no signs to the contrary.

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