Yehuda Devir
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Yehuda Adi Devir is a Tel Aviv-based Israeli illustrator and graphic designer. Devir works principally on posters, comics, magazine illustrations, character design, clothing illustration, the illustration of books, and logos. Yehuda is renowned for his viral illustrations with his wife, Maya, documenting his daily life. His charming and humorous comics gained him over 3 million fans on Instagram and he has been featured in magazines and publications all over the world including the Huffington Post.

Yehuda Devir Bio

Yehuda Devir was born on the 24th of October, 1988. Not much is known about his childhood but he expressed his love for drawing and design at a very early stage in life. In his childhood, when he started painting on his bedroom walls, he discovered his passion for drawing. Yehuda was significantly impacted by American comics like the Hulk and Superman in particular, among others.

He graduated from the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design with a degree in Visual Communication. Yehuda has a self-titled YouTube channel where he’s posted videos of his live TV appearances and time lapses of his digital drawings. He’s also the creator of One of Those Days, a popular webcomic he runs alongside his wife Maya which is responsible for propelling him to fame.

Unlike most of the world’s most famous people, Yehuda is yet to have a page on Wikipedia, however, he boasts 3.6 million fans and counting on Instagram while his wife boasts 900 thousand+ on the same platform.

Yehuda Devir’s Family and Wife

Yehuda Devir
Yehuda and wife Maya

Yehuda Devir often describes his wife Maya Devir as a “goddess in the form of a woman who spreads joy wherever she goes.” She is a realist artist and specializes in the art of teasing Yehuda. Maya Devir was born on the 24th of June, 1989. She was born in Israel. She also graduated from the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design with a degree in visual communication. While in the military, Yehuda and Maya met, became best friends, and over time the platonic relationship became a romantic connection.

Yehuda Devir and Maya have been dating for years, however, the dreamy couple struggled to conceive a child. In December 2018, they announced to the world that Maya was pregnant and made comics showing the struggles of everyday life with the pregnancy.

On the 30th of May, 2019 Yehuda announced that he had become a father to the most beautiful baby girl in the whole world. In a post he made on their website, he wrote, “A few weeks ago our status changed from children to parents. In one moment, our lives have turned upside down. The feeling can’t be described. To think that this little creature is our creation – our best piece. We are not true artists – nature is.”

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In a true artistic sense, Yehuda has shared comics of how he is dealing with the new and beautiful change in his life alongside his wife and we wish them the very best of parenthood.

Facts About the Illustrator

The couple met while they were in the army

National military service is mandatory for all Israeli citizens over the age of 18. During their conscription, Yehuda and Maya met and hit off as friends. They stayed platonic for many years before becoming a couple.

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Yehuda Devir makes his illustrations mainly because of his wife

Yehuda Devir has stated that he values her opinion more than anyone else in the world and that she is better than him as an artist. He also revealed that sometimes he gets her reviews about the illustrations he is working on.

Yehuda’s art also reflects on important issues such as violence against women

Yehuda Devir isn’t just about comics only, he makes visuals highlighting social ills particularly violence against women; the Illustrator has several publications that lend their voice to this ill.

Yehuda and Maya had been trying to conceive for about a year

Marriage is always with its up and downs and Yehuda’s was no exception. He revealed that he and Maya had tried to conceive for almost a year before luck smiled on them and rewarded their effort. Now that he is a father, we can expect lovely comics about him, his wife and kid.

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