What is YesMovies and How Does It Work, Is It Safe To Use?

Great films emerge every now and then with different themes, casts, and settings. However, different things make up great movies for different people. It is for this reason and more that people go in search of movies from the comfort of their homes or workplaces. For people who love to get entertained in their comfort zones, the use of various internet streaming sites has been employed. One among the many is the YesMovies, a site that allows a large number of users to go through its numerous lists of movies as well as a stream for free.

YesMovies has been able to not only get the attention of lovers of movies but also allow them to stream, download and install the YesMovies application without having an account like many other sites sharing the same features. However, with all these, several questions have popped in relation to the movie site including how YesMovies works, and whether or not it is safe to use among many other questions. Therefore, here’s an insight into the streaming site.

What is YesMovies?

There have been several reports about the birth of YesMovies. For some sources, the site came into existence in 2016 following the crash of MoreFlix – a site with similar features that were banned. The site has ever since made a way to becoming one among the successful movie and TV Shows streaming sites. It has a wide range of movies listing from Indies to B-Movies, old movies to even new releases.

How Does It Work?

The site allows plenty of things that other streaming sites lack. As to its similarity with other sites, YesMovies has a very large number of movies and TV Shows which deal with different genres of Action, Best Rated, Horror, and Romance to list a few. The good news about the site is its ability to allow users from different locations watch without subscription or having to pay for any other thing and without any form of registration, streamers can get their preferred movies without much trouble.

Also, YesMovies allows users to use its search button to easily find their preferred movies. The site makes it possible for users to also click on their choice movies as it quickly opens without interrogations. Several reviews about the site make it known that there are other great features the site offers in addition to high quality.


In relation to getting movies, YesMovies allows users to download movies as well as have its application installed. Therefore, movies can be enjoyed while online and offline. It also allows individuals to select if they want to have notifications when new movies are uploaded or not. For streamers who want to be notified, the site makes it possible for one’s email address to be uploaded.

Notwithstanding, it is worthy of note that streamers know that as much as they watch movies from the site, YesMovies uses a number of adverts that appear on the screen while movies are playing. However, the adverts can be stopped with the help of an ad blocker.

Is It Safe To Use?

Inasmuch as people want to enjoy movies especially when they are free as in the case of YesMovies, it is important to know whether the site is safe to use or not. In terms of its legality, there is an issue that is still hanging on. Several reports have it that the site contains pirated copies of movies, cam rips and hence are not legally safe for one to use. Even though viewers have less risk of getting into trouble for streaming on YesMovies or any other site that has limited legality, they can as well be sued for it.

Some individuals claim that there are no viruses and malware attached to the movies in the site, but others warn that since the movies displayed there are mostly pirated, there could be risks of getting some viruses. Therefore it is advised that if you should use the site or app, a good anti-virus should be installed in your gadget.

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As to its safety also, it is highly advisable that your VPN should be hidden if you must use the site. However, when using the site and perhaps giving your email details for notification, remember that the site already has a case of legality and perhaps you might be at risk of any of the aforesaid or something totally out of here.


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