Meet The Cancer-Free Shade Of Blue

Ever thought colours were just pigments which gives everything in this world some character?

We are about to prove there are more to colours with the YInMn blue that was discovered seven years ago.

It’s quite funny to think that all colour pigments have not been discovered yet. The YInMn blue was discovered seven years ago by some chemists in a lab at Oregon State University, USA.

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The group of scientists were actually researching on some electronic properties of Manganese. The experiments included heating Manganese Oxide with some other  chemicals at over 1,200°C (2,000°F). It was then they accidentally discovered the ‘bluest’ shade of blue in the world.

Mas Subramanian, a Milton Harris professor of materials science in the OSU Department of Chemistry reiterated that their original study which was published in the Journal of the American Chemical Society had nothing to do with discovering a new pigment.

“One day a graduate student who is working on the project was taking samples out of a very hot furnace while I was walking by, and it was blue, a very beautiful blue. I realized immediately that something amazing had happened,” Subramanian said.

The colour was named the “YInMn blue”, after the chemical symbols for Yttrium, Indium and Manganese. At first glance we thought, “that’s quite some blue.” Scientists however are not thinking the same.

Naturally humans associate emotions and characters with colors; purple for royalty, red for love/ danger, and so on. Scientists’ line of thought were contrastingly bordered on how durable this new shade of blue is, and whether it contains carcinogens.

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The YInMn blue has been marked safe, it contains resistant properties that make it long-lasting. It also does not emit cyanide and contains no carcjnogenic properties.

So, the next time you see this shade of blue,  you could casually tell someone, “oh that’s the YInMn blue, can you believe it was created accidentally? “