Here’s How Yodit Yemane Harnessed The Internet In Her Rise To Fame

Yodit Yemane is one of those celebrities who have taken advantage of the social media sphere in this digital era and are cashing out. With her alluring looks, the gorgeous model kicked off a career in showbiz from an early age and is now considered one of the hottest in the fashion industry.

From modeling for fashion brands to appearing in music videos, Yodit has been busy. She has managed to create a successful life for herself, using her potent skill – the ability to draw attention. She has been able to do all this with the help of the internet.

Yodit Yemane Got Her Modelling Start After Posting Photos Online

Yodit Yemane is a Floridian from Boca Raton, born on June 23, 1997. She is of Eritrean descent. Her journey to fame can be traced back to her teenage days when she was still a student. According to her academic records, she received formal primary education however the name of the school she attended remains undisclosed. While we do know that she attended high school, it is uncertain if Yodit eventually finished before pursuing a career in modeling. It is also unknown if she later went to college or even has plans to do so in the future.

Blessed with attractive looks, Yodit’s first modeling gig dates back to her high school days. It was while she was still a student and a blossoming young lady that she kicked off her career in showbiz as a fashion model.

Like many of her peers, Yodit Yemane posted photos of herself on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. She eventually drew the attention of a brand who wanted her to model their products. Thus, she began her journey as a model. The young lady subsequently moved to Los Angeles, California and the rest, as they say, became history.

She Has Gotten Famous Promoting Several Brands on Instagram

Yodit Yemane
Yodit with Jilly at a Pretty Little Thing event: image source

The rise of Instagram as a marketing tool brought about the growth of the Instagram model and influencer industry. Consequently, people like Yodit Yemane rose to fame.

Having shown that she is capable of arresting the attention of thousands of people, a number of brands began swirling around her. In turn, she became not just an Instagram model but also a brand influencer. Taking advantage of her over one million following on the photo-sharing platform, Yodit has worked in partnership with fashion retail brands like Pretty Little Thing and Fashion Nova. Her work with the two famous brands further pushed Yodit higher in the popularity rankings.

Leveraging on her 5 feet 6 inches height and 34-24-38 body dimension, Yodit Yemane drew the attention of several thousand people, fashion, and beauty brands. The stunning Floridian has also enjoyed lucrative endorsements as an ambassador for several online cosmetic brands. They include Sorella Boutique, Industry LOCs Hair, Dollhouse London, Hair Are Us, Busted Brand, and DEE & LAHNI, among others.

Beyond posting sensual and alluring photos of herself in various attires and dresses, Yodit provides substantial conversion of awareness to sales for her partner brands by regularly engaging with her followers. She achieves this by responding to comments and sharing socially conscious posts on her platform.

Yodit is a TV Personality Too

It was only a matter of time before the internet personality would leverage her popularity on Instagram in other sectors. So far, those other endeavors have included a TV show and her appearing in a couple of music videos.

For the former, Yodit has appeared on Nick Cannon‘s improv series, Wild’ N’ Out, which airs on MTV. In the latter, one of her music video appearances was as a video vixen in the video for the song “Move to L.A” by rapper Tyga.

Yodit Yemane Has Made a Lot of Money Pushing Fashion Products Online

The decision to take her ability to attract attention online and make a living with it may have drawn scorn when she started. But today, her bank accounts suggest it was the right decision. Whatever one might think of the Instagram-driven modeling and fashion industry, there is no denying that it is a lucrative business, and Yodit has benefited from it.

Since she began her journey in the world of online modeling, Yodit Yemane has amassed an estimated net worth of $700,000. Her rising wealth comes primarily from her modeling work, with a fraction coming from work in music videos and TV appearances. She also makes money being a party girl.

Thanks to her line of work and riches, Yodit is able to enjoy the finer things of life. Aside from her ‘business’ posts, her Instagram page is filled with photos of her in several exotic locations, on beaches and yachts. She can also be seen wearing high-end dresses and accessories, proving that business has indeed been good for her.

Yodit Might Be in a Relationship with a Man Named Jake

Yodit Yemane has consciously kept most details of her love life private, especially in her early career days. Thus, her dating history is unknown to the public. Nonetheless, we do know that she has never been married, nor does she have any kids.

Given the unending curiosity about her love life and relationship status, Yodit decided to gratify her fans with some information in 2016. The model revealed that she was in a relationship with a guy identified as Jake. While many outlets report that he is a social media personality, not much else about him is known. The only traceable social media account to him is a Twitter account, @JakeRp_, that has not been updated since 2016. However, a cursory look at the account suggests he is a model too and was a notable contributor to Yodit’s rise as an online model and influencer.

Besides the fact that the pair became an item in March that same year, there is nothing else known about their relationship. So far, both parties have done an excellent job of keeping their romance under the radar. With this, it remains unknown if they are still together or not. Yemane has, however, not been linked to anyone romantically since then.

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