You May Soon Be Able To Use Fingerprints To Purchase Items In Japan

Ahead of the 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games, Japan is working on rolling out a system which will enable tourists and foreign visitors to use fingerprints to purchase items, check into hotels and the likes. Your fingerprints will work as currency.

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With this innovation, visitors to the country can forget the hassle of changing money and instead just use their fingerprints to purchase and engage any monetary needs. The system will be launched soon with an aim of making shopping and hotel check ins faster than ever and increase convenience for foreigners.

It will involve the visitor first registering their details, inclusive of fingerprints and credit card information at airports or other convenient public locations. The registered tourist will then be enabled to buy products from select stores, having taxes automatically deducted just by placing two fingers on a small fingerprint reading device. It will also present a speedy substitute for presentation of passports when checking into hotels, which is the method employed currently.

Fingerprints To Purchase

Fingerprints To Purchase Will Help The Government Pin Down Spending Habits

By using your fingerprints to purchase items, the Japanese government will likewise be able to analyse spending habits and the patterns of foreign tourists. After analyzing tourists’ movements and their spending habits, the data is expected to be utilized to devise policies on tourism and management strategies for the country’s tourism industry.

The first phase of the project’s roll out is expected to involve 300 souvenir shops, restaurants, hotels and other establishments frequented by tourists in popular destinations including the mountainous hot spring resort area Hakone and the coastal town Kamakura.

The officials in charge hope that the system will be launched in time for the games which are scheduled for 2020 and may see as many as 40 million overseas annual visitors. The system also aims to demonstrate the country’s advanced technology by having tourists use the system when they visit Japan for the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics.


The innovation is an interesting one, but it is doubtful how many people would actually be willing to offer up their fingerprints even with the enticement of ease of shopping experience. Should you however be planning a trip to Japan either in a couple of months or for the 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games and this test run lives up to expectations, you can forget your cash and cards, for your fingerprints will have your back.

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