Younes Bendjima Background Details, Ethnicity And Net Worth Since Splitting From Kourtney

Chances are when you see the name, Younes Bendjima, you think of the Kardashian, Kourtney. The oldest of the Kardashian sisters is, after all, the more popular personality as at the time they dated. However, his relationship with her is not his only anchor to fame. He is also a model who has walked for a few major fashion brands.

That Younes Bendjima has all the tools for an extended stay in the spotlight bears reason to learn everything worth knowing about him. In this piece, we start with his childhood and background which began on the African continent, Northern Africa, to be precise.

Younes Bendjima Was Born And Raised In Algeria

Younes Benjima and Kourtney Kardashian are two American personalities who have roots in other countries. Kourtney has Armenian roots via her father while Younes was born in Algeria, on May 5, 1993. The identity of his parents remains unknown, but their divorce when he was a child shaped the life and man we will come to know today.

After their divorce, both parties moved to different countries, his father to New York and his mother, to Paris. Younes’ father had primary custody, so he relocated from Algeria to the Big Apple with him, visiting his mom in the romance capital during the summer.

Because of this arrangement early in his life, Younes Bendjima became fluent in three languages – French, English, and Arabic. However, becoming a polyglot was just one of two significant effects of the divorce on his life trajectory.

While he was in New York, Younes Bendjima began working for his dad in the traditional Algerian restaurant that he opened there. During this time, on a fateful day, he was approached by an agent who offered him a chance at modelling by inviting him for an interview with an agency.

Younes initially ignored this opportunity because he had, at the time, been nursing dreams of being a boxer. He was receiving training for this dream and taking part in boxing competitions. Unfortunately, he failed at a bulk of these competitions and finally accepted to try his hands at modelling.

He Is A Practicing Muslim

Younes Bendjima’s connection to the Arabic world isn’t just limited to his birthplace. He is also a Muslim, the dominant religion in Arabic culture. While he is far from being a fanatic, Younes observes the religion’s rites such as Ramadan. He has shared images and facts about himself observing the Holy Month on his social media pages.

Younes Made His First Modelling Appearance In 2013

He signed to Next Management in 2011. However, he did not make his modelling debut until two years after, in 2013. He appeared in print campaigns and made his runway debut for the Givenchy Spring/Summer Campaign.

He has since appeared on the runway for top brands like Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, Hermes and Burberry, as well as covering such magazines as Coitus, Vanity Teen, and OOTB. Apparently, taking up the agent’s offer turned out to be the right choice.

Also, in Younes’ portfolio are campaigns and covers for Balmain, Dolce & Gabbana, Vogue Arabia, Missoni, and Hermes. On Instagram, one of the most critical platforms for modern models, Younes Bendjima (@younesbendjima) has more than 1.1 million followers.

His Wealth Is Still Growing As His Career Progress

The most recent available figures on Younes Bendjima’s net worth dates back to 2017. While chances are his continued growth in the modelling industry has increased his financial status, we haven’t found concrete evidence to back it up.

However, as of 2017, four years into his career as a model, Younes had a net worth of $500,000, according to figures obtained by Elite Daily. His estimated yearly income is put at $330,000, suggesting he gets enough jobs in a year to maintain the jet setting life visible on his Instagram page.

But if Younes’ net worth seems small compared to his persona and reputation, it might be because he’s battling the effects of racism, like a lot of minorities in the modelling industry.

Despite growing up in France, he claims he has trouble finding modelling gigs in the country, and a couple of others. According to him, brands in the country prefer hiring certain kinds of models, one he doesn’t fit into.

Regardless, considering these figures are from 2017 and Younes still works for major brands like Hermes, Balmain, and Givenchy, there is no doubt that the Algerian-born model’s net worth has increased substantially.

Younes Bendjima Has Been In Two High-Profile Relationships

Despite the growth in his career, Younes Bendjima is probably most famous for the two high profile relationships he has been in most recently. He has dated fellow model, Jourdan Dunn, and has an on-and-off relationship with Kourtney Kardashian.

Jourdan Dunn (2015 – 2016)

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In May 2015, following their meeting at the Met Gala, Younes Bendjima started dating a high-profile British model named Jourdan Dunn. They were a favourite for paparazzi and spent New Year’s Eve together in Bali. The two, however, stopped seeing each other in October 2016. Why their relationship ended remains unknown, but it may have had something to do with his next high-profile relationship with Kourtney Kardashian.

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Kourtney Kardashian (2016 – 2018, 2020 – Present)

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His split from Jourdan Dunn was just in time for him to meet Kourtney Kardashian a week later in Paris. It was at the time that Kim Kardashian got robbed in Paris and Younes Bendjima elected to stay behind to help out since he knows how to speak the language.

Although Younes Bendjima is 14 years younger than Kourtney Kardashian, the two began dating and made their relationship official when they took a trip together to the 2017 Cannes Film Festival. In November 2017, they enjoyed a date at a concert in Hollywood where they displayed their affection for each other publicly while the cameras clicked away.

A little spat seemed to have caused a split in March 2018 as the two unfollowed each other on Instagram. He later deleted his Instagram account but recovered it and posted a lovely message that he addressed to Kourtney. The post quelled some of the tensions that arose from their breakup. However, it did not point to a rekindling of their relationship.

That changed in 2020 when he was spotted in an Instagram photo by Kourtney. Rumours of them getting back together ramped up again in April 2020 after he posted a Ramadan message from Kourtney on his Instagram page. As of May 2020, the two are presumed to be back together.

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