Yvonne Payne – 5 Facts About Charles Payne’s Wife

Yvonne Payne is the wife of Charles Payne, an American media mogul and broadcaster. The couple have been married for 20 years as they exchanged vows in 2004. Yvonne who was born on the 24th of April 1958, and is 65 years old in 2024, has two children – Charles Jr. (son) and Cherie (daughter).

Yvonne Payne’s Bio

Yvonne Payne was born vonne Ammirati  on the 24th of April 1958, to her American parents whose names and information are not yet available to the media. She spent her childhood days in her birth town, but it is unclear if she is an only child or if she has any sibling(s).

Unfortunately, there are also no details regarding her educational pursuit like the high school she attended as a teenager or where she obtained her degree from. Even though we do not know anything about her academic pursuits, it does seem like Yvonne is a very smart woman and quite educated.

Yvonne has done a great job of also keeping her professional life from the public. It is hard to ascertain what Yvonne Payne does for a living as she has managed to keep such information away from the media and the general public despite the fact that she is the wife of a man who is always in the public eye.

She Became Charles Payne’s Wife in 2004

She got married to her heartthrob, Charles Payne in 2004 when she legally tied the knot in front of their families and friends in a low key wedding ceremony. However, the couple was already living together for years before their wedding. The pair has two children together – a son, Charles Jr who was born in 1996 and a daughter, Cherie who was born in 1985.

Despite the fact that they have been together for a very long time and seem to be happily married, the couple’s love was put to test following some sexual assault allegations against Charles Payne which saw to him suspended for months from work as he was denied access to the Fox studio premises. Luckily for him, after investigations showed that he was innocent of the assault allegation, he was recalled back to work in September 2017.

Prior to then, he graciously admitted to having three years long affair with Hughes. Interesting, despite the hullabaloo that went on, Yvonne Payne gave her husband all the support he needed and never doubted his love for her. She and her family are currently residing in their New Jersey home.

Yvonne Payne
Yvonne Payne with her husband Charles Payne and their granddaughter Image Source

5 Facts About Charles Payne’s Wife

Yvonne Payne Is Two Years Older Than Her Husband

Yvonne Payne is two years older than her husband. The age difference between them did not affect their love as the couple has been together for several years. The relationship shows that age is not and should not be a determinant in any relationship.

She Suffered A Cardiac Failure

In 2012, Yvonne Payne suffered a heart attack attributed to ventricular tachycardia a disease caused by abnormal electrical signals in the lower chambers of the heart. The life-threatening illness almost ended Yvonne’s life but for timely direct organ donation, from dead friend’s daughter. The surgery was performed successfully thus she was given a second chance at life.

Yvonne Payne’s Net Worth

There are no details regarding how much Yvonne Payne is worth as she has kept that away from the knowledge of the media. She is however married to a very rich man whose net worth is up to $10 million and so it is obvious that money will not be a challenge for the family.

She is void of controversies

Apart from being dragged into her husband’s sexual assault allegations, Yvonne Payne has never been in the news for the wrong reasons. She is hardly in the public eye and does not do or say anything that brings her negative press.

Social Media Presence

Yvonne Payne is not active on any social media platform, but she has a Facebook account where she shares some posts from time to time while still maintaining her privacy.


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