Zahra Elise – Biography, Facts, Everything You Need to Know

Zahra Elise is a fast-rising American bikini/lingerie model, social media personality, fitness activist, and entrepreneur. Zahra gained prominence by posting notoriously provocative photo shoots on Instagram. She is also popular for her lingerie modeling gigs for The Ultimate Tattoo Brand’s Inkjunkeyz as well as Skyn Magazine.

Heightening Zahra’s fame is her gorgeous and virtually perfect body. Many have been speculating that she gained the looks (especially her flawlessly curvaceous hips and enormous booty) through plastic surgery. She has, however, debunked all of such speculations, claiming that she earned her body build through genuine physical and nutritional hard work. Find out her secrets and every other thing you need to know about Zahra Elise.

Zahra Elise Biography

Zahra Elise was born on December 30, 1993, her birthplace is the coastal city of Virginia Beach, in the US state of Virginia. She, however, grew up in Temecula, Southern California. Zahra is the first of the six children of her parents. Her ethnicity is mixed, comprising Native American, North African and Japanese origins.

Zahrah Elise did not dream of becoming a model as a child. Her passion for modeling manifested much later in life. Prior to this, she was very tomboyish, showing no interest in feminine attire and fashion. She rather engaged in the manly procession of a jet mechanic, working with the U.S Navy for almost five years. She, however, couldn’t keep her eyes off fitness models whom she saw on magazines. Zahra consequently quit the job and went after her new-found passion

After modeling for several years, Elise started giving acting a consideration. She consequently enrolled for acting lessons in 2017 and has already made minor screen appearances in a number of films including Romany Malco’s 2018 comedy movie, Prison Logic, and the very successful improvised comedy series, Wild ‘n’ Out.

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Other Facts and Everything Else You Need to Know About Zahra Elise

1. Business Ventures

Alongside her modeling and social media career, Zahra is also a businesswoman. She is the founder and CEO of a lingerie brand, as well as a self-titled marijuana label. In addition to her already existing brands, Elise hopes to venture into humanitarian work in the future. It is her ambition to travel around the world lending a helping hand to those in need.

2. Her Relationships/Affairs

Elise is apparently a single lady. She is, however, a private person who prefers to keep her personal affairs secret. For this cause, the public is not aware if she is in a relationship at the moment or not.

However, several rumors have popped up about Zahra dating several men in the past including popular athletes. Contributing to these claims is one of her 2018 IG posts which showed world-famous Olympic sprinter, Usain Bolt in an intimate disposition with Elise, leaving her fans wondering if she’s having an affair with the swift runner. She, however, debunked the suspicions, claiming that they were just good friends.

3. Zahra’s Social Media Goals

Zahra is a typical Instagram sensation. Her “zahraelise” IG account has garnered over one million followers. She uses the platform to pass across her message to fellow women and the entire world. Prominent among her values is self-love which emphasizes the need for every woman to be proud of her body as it is.

4. Height and Body Statistics

Zahra stands tall at a height of 5 feet 7 inches (1. 7 meters) and weighs between 66 and 70 kilograms. She has an alluring prominently pear-shaped body measuring 34-26-43 inches by bust, waist, and hips respectively. Zahra spots short black hair which gives her an even hotter look. Her dress size is 6 while her shoe size is 8.5, both in US measurements.

5. Her Fitness Routines – How Does She Maintain A Perfect Body?

The secret to Zahra’s fit body is regular workouts. She does both intense and heavyweight sessions with light training depending on her needs. For heavyweights, she usually does 6-12 sets of about 8-12 rep range per body part on a daily basis, focusing mainly on lean muscle development. On the other hand, she usually pays close attention to muscle contractions during her mild sessions.

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In addition to her profound workout sessions, Zahra also minds her diet and nutrition. As a fitness model, she always raises awareness on eating well; and she certainly lives by what she preaches consuming plenty of fruits, veggies, and organic foods. She also encourages her fans to travel more and stress less in order to keep fit.

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