Zambian Opposition Supporters Still Detained By Police

The republic of Zambia had its presidential election in August, yet two months later it seems some opposition supporters are still being held in prison.

The United Party for National Development (UPND) alleged that at least 2,000 supporters of its party are still detained in prison since the election process, which took place on August 11.

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According to Hakainde Hichilema, the leader of the opposition party, many of the opposition supporters were jailed for varying reasons which he believes is ultimately targeted at silencing his party. He told Lusaka Times that President Edgar Lungu and his patriotic Front party is out to create a one party system in Zambia by destroying the opposition.

He added that he was, however, sending lawyers to represent his supporters who have been unlawfully detained, admitting that the bailout charges were enormous.

Zambian Opposition Supporters Still Detained By Police

Hichilema, who lost to President Edgar Lungu in a disputed election, said he still does not consider Lungu a duly elected president. Lungu won the election by 50.35% against Hichilema’s 47.67%.

President Lungu, however, seemed indifferent at such remarks over the weekend, stating that he does not need the approval of the opposition.

He said:

“I don’t need to be accepted by the UPND. I am here and I am the president. I am accepted by Zambians and the world at large. So what is their problem? I don’t need recognition from them.”

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President Lungu also added that the parallel voter tabulation (PVT) showed that the voting process was run well. He chided the opposition, stating that they could choose to remain delusional about the result of the presidential election but regardless Zambia has chosen to move forward.