Zambian Xenophobic Attack Springs Up Over Ritual Claims – Full Story

A Zambian Xenophobic attack on Monday has claimed the lives of 3 non-Zambians. It has also caused the destruction and looting of the businesses of non-Zambians in Zambia’s capital, Lusaka. 

According to police reports, the xenophobic attack was unleashed on foreigners in Lusaka over claims of ritual killing. The attack has seen the destruction of shops and property of non-Zambians in the country. This incident which happened yesterday is said to have emanated from the residence of a Rwandan entrepreneur in Zingalume. From there the bug infected other parts of the Zambian capital.

The scenario got more chaotic as the angry mob clashed with the police force. The use of tear gas by the police did not deter the intention of the mob. In retaliation, they threw stones at the police men who had come to restore sanity in the area.

Report says that the reason for the current Zambian Xenophobic attack on foreigners was in reaction to the discovery of a deceased Zimbabwean in the neighborhood. The body was mutilated with some body parts missing. Logically this suggested that the dead Zingalume resident was killed for some sort of diabolical rituals.

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This will be the 6th case of ritual killing in the space of 2 months in Zingalume and Chunga neighborhoods. It is said that the rituals were often done to give the culprits wealth and power. 4 suspects have been arrested and are in police custody.

The residents of Zingalume are confident that the crime was carried out by the foreign business entrepreneurs in their midst. They also expressed their anger and disappointment with the police. They have accused the police of being incompetent in securing them. Thus taking the laws into their hands and unleashing mayhem on the migrants in their community.

It is reported that Zambian migrants at risk have fled to police stations to find possible solace and protection. At the moment, the Zambian Xenophobic attack has claimed the life of 2 by stoning; one person burnt in Kanyama and several shops have been damaged and looted. Rwandans are recognized to be the core victims and targets of this xenophobic attack in Zambia.

Many have blamed the Zambian Xenophic Attack on foreigners on the police. They believe the police reported the arrest of the ritual suspects in a ‘reckless’ way. In their statement, they incited that the suspects are people believed to be foreign nationals. However, the police who quickly sought reinforcement against the angry mob says they are on the case.

“The residents, who were chanting slogans, have accused us, the police, of not providing enough security to them. Now they are saying these foreign businessmen are behind the ritual killings…We appeal for calm, as police are still investigating these murders, and all those behind them will be brought to book,’’  – Charity Munganga-Chanda, Police spokesperson

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Zambian Xenophobic Attack