Instead Of Paying 8000 Teachers For Christmas, Mugabe Spends Over $4m for ZANU-PF Conference

Today Zimbabwe’s ruling party holds their annual conference in which Mugabe will be officially endorsed as ZANU PF presidential flag bearer for 2018 general elections.

The conference has been estimated to cost about $4 million; an amount that will comfortably pay about 8000 teachers in time for the Christmas season.

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As if the sum was not outrageous enough, report says that some “Zanu-PF MPs and members of the party’s central committee have been forced to contribute up to 400kg of meat each”.

The scheduled conference is taking place at Zimbabwe’s central city-Masvingo. Present at the occasion are about 7000 delegates from Zimbabwe’s 10 provinces.

Ideally, the conference should show the unity of the party; unfortunately the party has never been torn into factions as it is now. With diverse interests all were still there to show ‘solidarity’ to ZANU PF and perhaps to 92-year old Mugabe who will represent the party on 2018.

In Mugabe’s words,

“There shall not be regime change.”

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Making reference to the divisions in the party, the soon to be declared ZANU PF presidential flag bearer said this,

“As a party we must always live with one policy. There are platforms in the party such as the politburo, the central committee, which then reports to congress. But it doesn’t help to have newspapers intervening in our issues. How do newspapers get to know our issues in the party?

“It doesn’t matter who you are – former detainee or war veteran – you always know how things are done.

“We should not settle matters of our party through Twitter and Facebook.

“There is a new culture of indiscipline in the party. When you join the party there are rules to be adhered to and ways to be followed. You cannot dictate what happens in the party. No one person should stand up and say do this or that.”


To the opposition, Mugabe says they have “practically no ideas on how the economy or country can be transformed.”

In other words, him and him alone can save Zimbabwe; even though the economy keeps getting worse under his watch.