War Vets Call ZANU-PF Million-Man March To Honor Mugabe Insincere

The youth of the ruling ZANU-PF party set Africa Day as the day for a One Million-Man March in honor of President Mugabe.

Kudzai Chipanga, National Deputy Secretary of the party, stated that the march will be a way of standing in solidarity with President Robert Mugabe who plans to contest in the 2018 elections.

“Reasons of the event [are] to reaffirm the youth’s support and to confirm our support to his excellency, the first secretary of Zanu PF and the executive president of the Republic of Zimbabwe, Cde RG Mugabe, as our sole presidential candidate for 2018,” Chipanga said to Daily News.

The Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans’ Association (ZNLWVA) have however criticized the event. The spokesperson for Zimbabwe’s former freedom fighters Douglas Mahiya has described the event as a show of thoughtlessness on the part of the ZANU-PF youth, describing it as insincere and lacking political consciousness.

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“There is no sincerity in the million-man march. There is no political consciousness. It will not revive industry or bring food on the table. They should, instead, find out from us the formula we used to bring independence. A million-man march, then what?”

The war veterans are not the only ones who seem to be against the one million man march. Unemployed youth and those who are not benefitting from the ZANU-PF rulership and speaking out against it.

One tweeter said, “what has Mugabe done to deserve a One Million Man March of hungry, desperate & unemployed youths? “In solidarity with Mugabe” for what??”

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Another said, “ZANU PF some problems are so persistent and stubborn to the extent that you cannot intimidate or wash them away with a one million man march”

“How does the one million man march being organised by ZanuPf help develop the economy and create much needed jobs?” another said on Twitter.

The million-man march has been set for 25th May, which is also Africa day. President Robert Mugabe is expected to be in attendance as a guest of honor.