Zanu-PF Youths Complain About Having No Land Despite Helping With Land Grab

The ZANU-PF youth are having a fit over the alleged marginal treatment received from some of the top guns in the party, saying that they are tired of being treated like used condoms.

New Zimbabwe reported Zanu-PF’s Manicaland youth chairperson Mabuso Chinguno as saying that the youth, who helped the party officials in seizing farmlands from white owners, were not given farms.

They have also threatened to invade some of the farms, if the residential stands promised to them are not delivered before the upcoming Zanu-PF conference in December.

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Chinguno described the consequence as an “invasion type of allocation”.

“We appeal to the leadership to allocate the youths their stands before we go to Masvingo conference. I am being questioned everyday on social media on the issue to do with the allocation of stands.”


“Some of the youths are even thinking they were duped and this was just a political gimmick. Some are saying the stands were sold long back and, as executive, we are being blamed left, right and centre,” Chinguno was quoted as saying.

Chinguno also added that the ZANU-PF youth have consistently asked the party to allocate some of the lands which were left during the land reform programme, but this has fallen on deaf ears.

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“Our resolution is that all the farms that were not invaded during the land reform programme should be allocated to youths. We know there are some politburo, central committee members and ministers who have vast tracks of underutilized land.”

He also stated that some of these ZANU-PF big wigs only boast of having so-and-so hectares of land, but the lands are growing weeds due to being useless.