Zelina Bexander – Biography, Facts, Everything You Need To Know

An x-ray of WAGS will reveal loads of women like Shakira who have achieved mainstream popularity away from the shadows of their superstar husbands, but then, there are still some like Zelina Bexander – the wife of the popular Dutch UFC champion, Alistair Overeem whose claim to popularity is solely as a result of her husband’s achievements in the world of wrestling.

Life has been really good to Overeem especially after his path crossed with Zelina. She has proved to be quite protective and supportive of her spouse and for the few years they have spent together, Zelina Bexander has lived up to the expectations of a complete prototype of the spouse of a UFC fighter. Away from fulfilling her domestic duties as a wife, she has played a major role in elevating the status of her husband’s brand as a UFC wrestler, thanks to her status as one of the most beautiful members of WAGS. She is on the payroll of AkzoNobel – a Dutch paint company as a management assistant but at the same time, the UFC fighting platform has witnessed quite a sufficient feel of both Zelina and her husband Overeem.

Zelina Bexander’s Biography

It is beginning to look like Zelina Bexander is averse to sharing hundred percent of the limelight with her superstar spouse because unlike Overeem, who has all the details of his personal and professional life out in the open, Zelina has not revealed much about both her formative years and background. The only known information about her origin is that she is a native of Gothenburg, Sweden.

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Long before she met her husband, Zelina Bexander passed through the University of Gothenburg where she armed herself with a degree to pursue a career of her choice, which she accomplished when she became part of AkzoNobel – the Dutch paint company where she functions as a management assistant.
In spite of the significant elevation in her public status since meeting Overeem, she has continued to keep her job as a staff of AkzoNobel and according to reports; she is a resident of Netherlands but spends time in the United States intermittently.

Zelina Bexander’s Relationship with Alistair Overeem

Zelina Bexander
Zelina Bexander and her Husband Alistair Overeem image source

After a long affair, Zelina Bexander and her boyfriend Overeem decided to make things official with an engagement in 2011, following her boyfriend’s marriage proposal. The news of their formalized relationship was well received by fans and the general public who has been expecting to hear the jingle of wedding bells on their behalf.

Although the details of their wedding are not known, the duo has long tied the nuptial knot and has been living happily as a couple, though they don’t have many pictures together.

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Talking about kids, they have a daughter named Yazz-ley, their baby girl was born in 2016, however, her exact date of birth is not on the records. On his own part, Overeem has a second daughter named Storm from a previous relationship.

Body statistics

Zelina Bexander is not averse to flaunting her attractive body stats which is her signature identity. She comes complete with glorious masses of natural blond hair and very generous bust line – just the right combination necessary to complete the stereotype build of a typical WAG.

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Her attractive stature may not all be natural because reports have it that she has undergone several plastic surgeries to have some part of her anatomy altered. The grapevine speculated that she owes her big and nicely shaped bust line to breast augmentation surgery.

Zelina’s shape has always attracted attention anytime she makes a public appearance with her husband, but she seems to be comfortable with that kind of interest and does not hesitate to show off and in the process drag many male eyes. Her exact body measurements have never come under the radar of the media but it becomes glaringly obvious that Zelina Bexander is almost dwarfed by the gigantic height of her UFC champion husband who sports a great height of 6 feet 5 inches with a matching body weight of 112 kg.

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Net Worth

As earlier mentioned, she is a staff of the Dutch Pain Company AkzoNobel where she has undoubtedly risen through the ranks over the years. The income she receives from her career is not known, neither is her net worth recorded; however, Zelina Bexander is certainly well-off especially with her UFC superstar husband whose current net worth is in excess of $5 million. With that level of financial support from her spouse, it will come as no surprise to hear that the wife of Overeem is a millionaire.

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