Tracing Back Zhavia’s Age, Ethnicity And Family Background

After competing in the reality TV show, The Four: Battle for Stardom, Zhavia went from being an unknown underground music talent in California to a rising star in America with a record deal. But when it comes to Zhavia, her musical talents are not the only things driving the curiosity of fans and observers.

One of the other drivers of Zhavia’s rising popularity is her looks. Her famous dreads have left many wondering about her ethnic background. Her quick rise at a young age has also left many wondering about her family background, searching for pointers to her confidence and talent. To answer these questions, we traced the short but rich history of the young American music star.

Zhavia Ward Is A Gen Z

If it appears that the Gen Z generation is taking over everything, from TikTok to Instagram, that is because they are. Music is not exempted from this creatively expressive generation’s ambitions either. Zhavia, whose first and last names are, Carisa Ward, is a Gen Z. She was born on March 7, 2001.

Her educational background currently remains hidden from the media. However, records have it that she had graduated from high school and is now in college. For now, there are limited details about her childhood years. However, we do know that she grew up in a supportive and musically inclined family that nurtured her talent.

She Appeared On The Four: Battle For Stardom At 17

Even though she did not plan on competing in the reality show, Zhavia managed to go where very few 17-year-olds have been – competing on national television. While recording her music in a studio, she met prospective contestants on The Four: Battle for Stardom, who, having heard her sing, encouraged Zhavia to audition for the show.

After some research on the style of the competition and its judges, she auditioned and secured a spot on the show. The show aired between January 4, 2018, and February 8, 2018. Evvie Mckinney, Candice Boyd, Vincent Cannady were Zhavia’s fellow contestants in the final four. Eventually, Evvie emerged as the winner and Candice took the second runner-up.

Zhavia (first right) on The Four: image source

Although she did not win, Zhavia impressed judges Sean Combs, DJ Khaled, Meghan Trainor and Charlie Walk with the depth of her pipes. Competing on the show also brought her on to the limelight, paving the way for the next stage of Zhavia’s music dream.

Zhavia Signed a Record Deal Three Months After The Four

It would have been easy for Zhavia’s performance on The Four: Battle for Stardom to go unrequited. Particularly when you consider that she did not win the competition. However, her talent and hard work proved irresistible that she signed a record deal with Columbia Records in May 2018, two months after her 17th birthday.

As part of a welcome gift to the label, she featured in the Deadpool soundtrack hit song, Welcome to the Party, by Lil Pump, Diplo and French Montana, the latter whom she is a massive fan of. Combined with the talents of their artists and her vocals, Welcome to the Party reached #78 on the US Billboard Hot 100. It was her first charting music.

In the same year, she released her debut single, Candlelight, in 2018. The song peaked at #40 on the US Rhythmic chart. She also released other tracks like 100 Ways and Deep Down in the same year. She also got her first award nomination, Breakout Talent Show Star, by Talent Recap Fan Choice Awards.

Her First EP And Music Tour Happened In The Same Year

Her growth and success have been non-stop since she leapt to compete in a national music reality show in 2018. It continued again in 2019 when she released her debut project, an EP dubbed 17. Ace music producers, Hit-Boy and Supa Dups, produced the six-track project named after her momentous age.

Three singles off the project dropped in 2018, and she added another, 17, in 2019. Aside from the EP, she also worked with Zayn Malik, who similarly got his start on a music talent show. The two collaborated to perform a cover of the famous Aladdin song, A Whole New World. They performed the song as part of the soundtrack for the 2019 live-action film version.

The song reached #17 on the US Bubbling Under Hot 100 singles chart. It also charted in Australia, Sweden, UK, and Ireland music markets. Aside from the song’s success, Zhavia received her second award nomination and first win for Choice Song From A Movie at the Teen Choice Awards.

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Dissecting Zhavia’s Family History

The infancy of Zhavia’s career means we have limited details about her family thus far. However, we have learned enough to know she grew up in a supportive family, especially her mother and sister. Her mother is Bobbi Jo Black, a singer who was a member of the metal band, Xenoterra.

Perhaps to raise Zhavia and her siblings, she traded the wildness of music concerts for the relatively reserved life as a mother and hairstylist. Her expertise are dreadlocks, and Zhavia is her most prominent client.

She has two sisters, one named Poiema Victoria, an Instagram influencer, and another who remains unknown. Zhavia has countlessly mentioned how her sister and mom have supported her through her music career. She also shared her desire to buy her mom a house sometime in November 2017, and she has been supportive of her hair salon, Her Hot Head Dread Shop.

Bobbi is divorced from her husband and lives with her relative alongside her children in Los Angeles, California, USA. So far, Zhavia has never mentioned anything about her Dad. There are little or no records of who he is.

Her Ethnicity Remains A Cause For Debate

For emerging fans of Zhavia, her ethnicity has become a touchy subject. Socially conscious fans are wary of possible cultural appropriation by the singer, whose dreadlocks are renowned among African-Americans.

While she does have Caucasian roots, the lack of her details about her father has made it difficult to establish her exact ethnicity. Certain outlets believe she is part Italian, because of her alleged father’s last name, Vercetti. However, the singer is yet to confirm such speculations, leaving her ethnicity a total mystery.

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