Zika Hoax: This Scientist Believes Zika And The Rise In Microcephaly Was Created By The Government — See How

For the past year, the Zika virus has been a much talked about epidemic.

In February the World Health Organization described its urgency by calling it a cause for global concern.

The Zika virus which was also linked to the increase of babies born with microcephaly by the Brazilian ministry of health is now being termed the Zika hoax.

Microcephaly is a deformity in which a baby is born with a brain or skull that is proportionally smaller than the rest of its body.

We saw on TV the beautiful babies born with small heads, the fearsome pregnant mothers who were scared that their babies will be born deformed.

Even in regards to the Olympic games which officially began on the 5th, many athletes sat this one out due to the Zika virus, with some others going the extra mile of freezing their sperms/ovaries, and so on.

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Was it real or just a Zika hoax

No doubt the pictures and videos of babies with microcephaly were indeed real, but Mike Adams believes the deformity and the virus are not linked at all.

He maintains that the virus has been in South America for decades and if in fact, the zika virus was responsible for microcephaly, it would have long been evident and not just come out of the blue now.

How so? Why the surge in number of babies born with microcephaly?

Adam’s theory on the zika hoax which has been circulating in alternate media for quite a while now is that the government influenced it by adding a harmful chemical to their waters. The chemical is a larvicide called Pyroproxyfen which was allegedly dumped in an area that is accommodated largely by low income Brazilians, especially blacks. This chemical is used by the government to get rid of mosquitoes in this areas. Adams explains that the chemical works by destroying the neurological development of insects, which explains why pregnant mothers who use it give birth to babies with a neurological deformity.

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The Zika hoax is just a ruse by the government

Mike Adams says so. He admits that mainstream media is making Zika more grave than it actually is. He reiterates that the Zika virus has been around for 60 years and has never caused microcephaly. He also adds that most victims of the virus hardly show any symptoms as international health bodies have also reported. He says that by trying to prevent the Zika virus, folks are harming themselves with toxic and cancer-causing chemicals that would give them a real problem.

What do you think? Do you agree with Mike Adams’ theory?