Zika-Proof Costumes To Be Worn By South Korean Olympic Team

The South Korean Olympic team will have on Zika-proof uniforms as they prepare against the Zika virus-infested Brazil.

The Zika-proof uniform was unveiled in April this year. The uniforms have mosquito repellent chemicals attached to prevent them from being prime targets of mosquitoes which are the carrier of the Zika virus; the aedes aegypti in particular.

The Zika-proof uniforms include the outfits that would be worn by the teammates during training, ceremonies and at the Olympic village.

However, the uniforms worn during their competitions will not be Zika-proof due to Olympic rules and regulations. Nonetheless, athletes will be given anti-mosquito or mosquito repellent sprays.

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Zika-Proof Costumes To Be Worn By South Korean Olympic Team

The spread of Zika virus has been a major concern by the international community regarding the summer Olympic games set to be hosted in Rio, Brazil this month.

The virus has been linked to microcephaly in babies born to Zika-infected pregnant women. Microcephaly is a birth condition in which the baby’s head is abnormally smaller than the rest of its body. As a result, the Brazilian government has urged pregnant women to stay away from the games.

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Some athletes have opted to quit this year’s Olympic games altogether, some have sought to freeze their own sperms, some governments have warned their representatives to abstain from sex, and the Australian government has made plans to release a couple of anti-Zika condoms to members of its Olympic team.

The Zika-proof uniforms include long pants (trousers) and long-sleeved shirts under a blazer.