Zimbabwe: For The Second Time First Lady Implies That Mugabe Will Rule From The Grave

For the second time since last year, Zim first lady, Grace Mugabe says that even as a corpse, Mugabe would win the forth coming elections.

Initially she had bluntly said that no matter the level of opposition, that Mugabe would continue to rule even if it means doing that from the grave.

For a non-monarchical government the statement could pass off as offensive as well as an exposition to a probable hidden agenda to make Mugabe a life-time president as has been strongly suspected was the plan with the sit-tight president.

The president had once said that “only God” was capable of getting him out of office.

While addressing the people in a rally on Friday, the first lady Grace Mugabe, who is the President’s confidante and most trusted ally, said no other politician in the country has been found to be a suitable replacement for the president who  turns 93 -years old tomorrow.

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“There are people, who know that if they stand for election, even with a chicken, they will lose,”

“A cock can win against a person, who was given dominion over everything and lose. That man is irreplaceable. That is the truth, whether we like it or not.”

“One day when God decides that Mugabe dies, we will have his corpse appear as a candidate on the ballot paper,”

“You will see people voting for Mugabe as a corpse. I am seriously telling you, just to show people how people love their president.”

Concurring to the words of the first lady, Mugabe, the oldest leader and dictator the world has ever seen has once again backed up his wife saying no one has the right to tell him when to step down except his party decides otherwise.

Many have wondered why even the AU and the SADC  seem to be powerless around Mugabe. Perhaps the same thought goes for the ruling party, ZANU PF.


How is it that there is no other eligible candidate from the party to succeed Mugabe as a flag bearer?

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Many world leaders and prominent African figures have urged the president to step down but to no avail.

“The majority of the people feel that there is no replacement, a successor, who to them is acceptable, as acceptable as I am,”

“The call to step down must come from my party, my party at congress, my party at central committee. But then what do you see? It’s the opposite,”

“They want me to stand for elections. Of course, if I feel that I can’t do it anymore, I will say so to my party so that they relieve me. But, for now, I think I can’t say so…”

Mugabe has always maintained that if his party asks him to step down he would. ZANU-PF has been divided into factions over Mugabe’s refusal to step down.

A petition filed last year against Mugabe and his unfitness to remain president was dismissed this month by the court.

The party has been torn between supporters of the Mugabes and vice president Emmerson Mnangagwa. Grace has been strongly suspected to be the president’s yet undisclosed successor. However both Mugabe and Grace have denied the supposition.

Mnangagwa has equally said his ambition is not to succeed the presidential throne.